The grey suit.

The brown suit.

The Bovine Plate.

The Jersey's Jersey quest can only be activated by using the command.txt file in Diablo: Hellfire. Instead of Lester the Farmer players will find the Complete Nut.

After talking a couple of times to him he will give the adventurer a Rune Bomb. Dropping this bomb on the alien bulb near the bridge would open the Festering Nest. Within the nest, the adventurer found one gray suit lying on the ground somewhere on level 3 and one brown suit lying on the ground somewhere on level 4. If the adventurer brings the brown suit to the Complete Nut, he will give the player the Bovine Plate.

If a game is started before the "command.txt" file is added, the quest can still be added. The levels have already loaded though, and the suits do not show up until a new game is started.


"Moo. I said, moo. Look I'm just a cow, ok? All right, all right. I'm not really a cow. I don't normally go around like this; but, I was sitting at home minding my own business and all of a sudden these bugs & vines & bulbs & stuff started coming out of the floor... It was horrible! If only I had something normal to wear, it wouldn't be so bad. Hey! Could you go back to my place and get my suit for me? The brown one, not the gray one, that's for evening wear. I'd do it myself, but I don't want anyone seeing me like this. Here, take this, you might need it... To kill those things that have overgrown everything. You can't miss my house. It's just south of the fork in the river... You know... The one with the overgrown vegetable garden."

Before having a suit to give back:

"What are you wasting time for? Go get my suit! And hurry! That holstein over there keeps winking at me!"

Returning the wrong suit:

"No no no no! This is my gray suit! It's for evening wear! Formal occasions! I can't wear this. What are you, some kind of weirdo? I need the brown suit."


"Ahh, that's much better. Whew! At last, some dignity! Are my antlers on straight? Good. Look, thanks a lot for helping me out. Here, take this as a gift; and, you know... a little fashion tip... You could use a little... You could use a new... Yknowwhatimean? The whole adventurer motif is just so... retro. Just a word of advice, eh? Ciao."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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  • If the player leaves and returns to town after having completed the quest, the Complete Nut will be wearing his brown suit. He can still be clicked on, but the only response he will produce is "moo."
  • The quest was implemented to poke fun at the Secret Cow Level rumor that had been circulating in the Diablo fandom at the time.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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