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Jered Cain was the son of Deckard and Amelia Cain.



Born in 1233, Jered was named after his father's famous ancestor. He had a distant relationship with his father, who was often absent, missing his first words and first steps, and not being there for him when he came down with fever, a condition that nearly killed him.

Jered played with Gillian in their youths.

At the age of four, Jered witnessed what would be the final argument between his parents, the same argument that had been repeated throughout his entire life. On the spot, his mother took him with her and headed east from Tristram to live with her mother.

They never made it however, as the wagon they were traveling in was attacked. Both Jered and his mother were killed in the robbery. Thomas Abbey's men suspected that they had been killed by bandits, but the perpetrators were never found.[1]


"I grew up with him, don't you remember? Until he disappeared—"
"Enough! Do not speak of that."

- Gillian and Cain (not) discussing Jered(src)

Cain Family-portrait

Cain shows the portrait of his family to Karshun and the Shard-seeker

The deaths of his wife and son haunted Deckard decades after their death, and he still held onto the death notice he had received concerning them. He kept a portrait of himself with Amelia and an infant Jered, as it was the last thing he had of them, save memories.[2] Years later, Belial turned Cain's grief against him. Twisting the truth as per his wont as the Lord of Lies, Belial claimed that Jered and his mother were actually attacked by khazra, their souls dragged down into the Burning Hells to writhe in agony. In the end though, Deckard saw through his lies.[1]