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Jeram of the Whispering Valley was an Umbaru Witch Doctor whose family was slain by khazra.


After his family's murder, Jeram begged spirits to help him defeat evil, but they were silent to his prayers. In the end, the spirits replied that evil defeats itself. Jeram eventually came to understanding that to slay evil creatures, one needs their power.[1] To get his revenge, he created the Mask of Jeram from bones of demons, as he believed that their skulls contain powerful magic.[2] Jeram himself said that he who can harvest the demon bones and adorn himself in these, needs not to fear creatures of the other side.[3]

With his new armor, Jeram devastated many Goatmen villages with hordes of walking dead and summoned otherworldly beasts. Soon, anyone witnessing slaughtered khazra knew it had to be Jeram's work.[4] As of the Witch Doctor himself, he uttered that he now knew the true purpose of demons: to make humans stronger. Jeram then proceeded to exterminate more and more of demonic creatures anywhere he went.[5] When spirits told him that the Great Evils can never truly die, Jeram replied that those demons simply had not met him yet.[6].


In Diablo III, the Helltooth Harness set, originally made by Jeram, can be found. Jeram's Bracers also feature.