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Jang's Envelopment is a Legendary belt in Diablo III. It requires character level 61 to drop.

It is not Wizard-specific, but the unique affix enhances the Black Hole skill regardless of the chosen rune. The Slow effect lasts 3 seconds after the Knockback is over, and affects even enemies that are immune to being pulled (in that case, it starts immediately).

Stats (Level 70)[]


Jang's Envelopment
Legendary Belt

  • 440 - 506 Armor


"In desperation, Irtai cast Black Hole. She was surprised when the flesh hunter's movements slowed, allowing her to deliver the killing blow, as she had forgotten she was wearing Jang's Envelopment. Irtai was lucky, but one cannot depend on luck. One must always be aware of the abilities of one's armor, and those of all the other magical items one carries." —Arch Mage Valthek