Act Act I
Quests None
Levels 3
Monsters Bone Archer, Bone Mage Wraith, Death Clan, Dark One, Gargoyle Trap
Adjacent Zones Barracks, Inner Cloister
Area Level Normal 10
Area Level Nightmare 41
Area Level Hell 71
Waypoint Yes

The Jail lies under the Rogue Monastery and is composed of a series of levels that are complex, forcing you to sometimes search the entire area to find the entrance to the next level. A random area of The Jail Level 2 contains Pitspawn Fouldog. The Jail connects the Barracks with the Inner Cloister.

Apparently, many Rogues were brutally tortured here, as more and more mutilated corpses can be found with each level. The Rogues were careful when designing the Monastery, creating a series of "secret" rooms. These hidden alcoves were constructed in their Jail to hide both gold and treasure from would-be thieves. Many of these rooms have not yet been discovered by the forces of Andariel that took over the Monastery. Adventurers can gain access to these secret rooms (if they can find them) and then take the treasures stored there for themselves.To find a secret room, closely watch the Automap for a room-sized area that appears to have no doors. Walk around the "room", clicking on the exterior walls. If there is a secret room, a door will slide away revealing the secret entrance. Particularly attentive adventurers can even spot the correct wall to click as it looks slightly different than the rest.

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