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Iron wolves doctrine

Iron Wolves Doctrine was a Legendary Crafting Material in Diablo III. It requires a Character Level of 1 to use, is account bound, and may be stacked up to 1000 times. It was required for the crafting of each piece of the Asheara's Vestments set. As of patch 2.0.6., it no longer drops, and existing doctrines may be sold for 50,000 Gold.

The item only dropped from unique Deceivers:

  • Ningish (Sewers of Caldeum)
  • Ssthrass (Dahlgur Oasis, Ancient Waterway entrance)
  • Yakara (Eastern Channel)

The tenets of the Iron Wolves were studied intensely by Belial's servants in an effort to understand the mercenaries' martial methods.

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