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"No spawn of Hell can hide from the gaze of the Inquisitor, no matter what form it takes."

Templar2 Portrait

An Inquisitor of the Templar Order

Inquisitors are a type of enforcer found in many organizations across Sanctuary's history.

Lore Edit

Groups that utilized Inquisitors include(d) the following:

Cathedral of LightEdit

Inquisitors served as the basic infantry of the Cathedral of Light. Well trained and equipped, Inquisitors sometimes served as bodyguards for high-ranking officials such as Master Inquisitors.

Their counterparts of the Triune were named Peace Warders.[citation needed]


Inquisitor Hamath and the Grand Inquisitor bear the title of an inquisitor, focusing on torture and interrogations.

Burning HellsEdit

Inquisitor Sebacious is a Terror Demon, the ancient torturer.

Templar OrderEdit


Templar Inquisition armor design

Inquisitors were present in the Templar Order.[1] They were responsible for the initiation of new Templars into the order through means of torturing them in order to "cleanse" them of their "sins" and remove the memories of who they were before they joined the order.[2]



Diablo IIEdit

Diablo IIIEdit


inquisitor in battle

Templar Order Inquisitors are fought in "The Templar's Reckoning" follower quest in Templar Outpost. They are identical to Westmarch Soldiers in terms of abilities, and are armed either with spears or with crossbows.

As of patch 2.2.0, one may also encounter a Templar scouting party (busy abducting villagers) in the Weeping Hollow, during the event named Templar Inquisition.



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