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Inner Sanctuary
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Class: Monk
Required Level: 22
Skill Category: Defensive
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Create a runic circle of protection on the ground for 6 seconds that reduces all damage taken by 55% for all allies inside.

Damage Type: Holy
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Inner Sanctuary is a Defensive skill used by the Monk in Diablo III.


When cast, creates a glyph on the ground, centered on the Monk, forming an 11-yard range area for a short time. The Monk and allies standing in this circle suffer less damage from all enemy attacks. The circle doesn't follow the Monk.

Unlike other Monk defensive skills, Inner Sanctuary actually has animation, and therefore cannot be cast on the move.


  • Sanctified Ground: increases the duration to 8 seconds, and enemies cannot enter the circle. Enemies already within the circle are knocked away from it. While enemies cannot enter the Inner Sanctuary, they may still deliver melee blows if their target is close enough to the border. The circle also does not stop projectiles or any other ranged and area of effect attacks.
  • Safe Haven: allies (including the Monk) within Inner Sanctuary also gain Life Regeneration. This effect scales with level, up to 35779 per second at level 70. This bonus is further increased by 7% of the Monk's own Life per Second.
  • Temple of Protection: Inner Sanctuary also makes affected allies (and the Monk) immune to all types of control impairing effects. It does not prevent the damage of attacks that would cause these effects, though.
  • Intervene: the Monk teleports to the targeted location anywhere within screen borders, creating Inner Sanctuary over there. Once teleported, also places a shield that absorbs damage (scales with level, up to 107284 at level 70, and increased by 28% of the Monk's Health Globe Healing Bonus) for 3 seconds on the Monk and on allies within the Inner Sanctuary area. The shield is placed when the skill is cast, not when the allies enter the Sanctuary.
  • Forbidden Palace: enemies inside Inner Sanctuary are Slowed by 80%.

Non-rune enhancements

  • The Mind's Eye (Legendary Spirit Stone): Inner Sanctuary also increases the Monk's Spirit regeneration by 10-15 per second while standing in it.
  • Vigilance (Legendary Polearm): chance on being hit to cast Inner Sanctuary, benefiting from runes and enhancements, but on separate cooldown.


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This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

Originally, the Monk was supposed to have a similar skill named Impenetrable Defense. In the final game version, it was replaced with Serenity and Inner Sanctuary.


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