Requires: 23 Magic

Vision pierces through walls and invisibility.

Damage Type: Magic

Infravision is a spell in Diablo I. Unlike most spells, it cannot be learned from books.

General Information

Infravision allows the affected player to see all the monsters on the screen that are out of their direct line of sight highlighted in red. It works beyond walls or doors and reveals the Hidden, thus making them easier to kill. Their names and stats do not highlight, but recognizing them by type is easy enough.

This is a great spell for players using Götterdämmerung or other negative light radius items.

This spell can only be found as a scroll, staff charges, or gained from using a Murky Pool. The duration is longer the deeper in the labyrinth the pool is found.

Duration: Rec(Spell Level, 79.2) seconds

  • Rec means recursive function

For scrolls, Spell Level is always 1. For Murky Pools, Spell Level depends on the current level of the dungeon: 2 (Cathedral), 4 (Catacombs), 6 (Caves), 8 (Hell). Murky Pools never appear in the Hive or Crypt levels.


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