5 Infernal Maiden c
Infernal Maiden 
is a Rift Guardian that can randomly spawn in a Nephalem Rift. She is a greatly empowered Maiden of Flame.

In combat, she retains basic abilities of a common Maiden of Flame, except for she deals more damage: regular attack, and two whirling attacks (the more potent one charges longer, but also deals Knockback). All three melee attacks deal additional Fire damage. She also lauches a Mortar-like close-ranged barrage of fireballs on every spin attack, effectively hitting a wide cone in front of herself for average Fire damage, aimed at a random player in range.

In addition, when at 50% Life or lower, she will invoke a swirling fiery nova every 30 seconds, releasing numerous serpentine-trajectory moving fireballs that spread 100 yards away, dealing high Fire damage and piercing through enemies. Within 30 yards of the Infernal Maiden, this attack is almost unavoidable. She can also Teleport at will every 10 seconds.

Having a Star of Azkaranth makes the fight much easier, but still leaves the players vulnerable to her quick and deadly melee blows.

This boss is guaranteed to drop The Reaper's Kiss when killed, for each player in the party.

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