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Infernal Helm is a Legendary Helm in Diablo III, only available for the PS3 and X-Box 360 version of the game upon pre-order. It is also available as part of the Arma Haereticorum bundle (but in that case, can only be used for Transmogrification).

It gives a significant experience boost and is indestructible, with 4 Secondary affixes.

Stats (Level 1)


Infernal Helm
Legendary Helm

  • 21–24 Armor
  • Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 4.0%.
  • +4 Thorns Damage
  • +25% Experience Gain
  • Ignores Durability Loss

At the height of his madness, Zoltun Kulle's pride knew no bounds. He raised vast halls filled with arcane beings to serve at his whim and created magical artifacts to amplify his power beyond the limits of imagination.

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