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For the Diablo II equivalent, see Hell Bovine.

An Infernal Bovine

Infernal Bovines are a type of enemy encountered in Diablo III.


Infernal Bovines were spotted around the End of Days. There were rumors of townships in Khanduras being overrun by these creatures, emerging from mysterious orange portals. Artistic renderings of these bovines were plastered on the walls of local inns, and one farmer went so far as to call it the Cowpocalypse. The people were assured that this was a hoax, but were nonetheless advised to stay clear of any portal that may or may not lead to an alternate plane of reality.[1]


Bovine Bardiche summons up to 4 Bovines at the wielder's side in combat.

Players may face Infernal Bovines (name probably being a pun on the original monsters name involving the new difficulty level) in three places: either a Cow-themed Nephalem Rift (very rare), Kanai's Stomping Grounds (limited time event), or in Not The Cow Level, available only through Kanai's Cube.

In battle, Bovines do not have any special abilities. They carry different weapons (Polearms, Two-Handed Axes, Staves or Spears), but are overall average in every way. Regular Bovines plainly attack in melee, while Bovine Shamans cast triple Shock Pulses from distance.

Unique Bovines are usually Lightning-themed, much like the original Cow King. All Elite Bovines always have at least one Lightning or Cold-themed affix: Electrified, Thunderstorm, Orbiter, Frozen or Frozen Pulse.



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  • Infernal Bovines use animations of a Goatman Brute model, and like Khazra, are hunchbacked in the third game (as opposed to their upright posture in the second game).


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