For the item trait, see Indestructible.
Indestructible Indestructible
Upon receiving fatal damage, the Crusader does not die, instead healing to 1 Life, becoming immune to damage and all forms of Crowd Control, gaining 35% increased damage and additional 82526 Life per Kill for 5 seconds.

This effect may only occur once every 60 seconds.

"As my life drained away, I could no longer feel the blows raining down upon me." — Anajinn

Indestructible is a passive Crusader skill, unlocked at level 25.

The amount of Life per Kill gained scales with level, up to 82526 at level 70. The 60 seconds cooldown cannot be reduced by the respective stat, but is reset by dying.

The skill is valuable for players on Hardcore difficulty, though easily duplicated by Prophet.

Due to the way this passive works, the 5 seconds of immunity can be sometimes used to cast a Town Portal (4 seconds) if one also wears Homing Pads. In early versions of Reaper of Souls, even the latter condition was not required.


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Originally, this skill boosted Armor, granting higher bonus the more Life the Crusader was missing.

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