Increased Speed

Class: Barbarian (Diablo II)
Required Level: 24
Skill Tree: Combat Masteries
Requires: Increased Stamina

Increases walk and run speeds.

Damage Type: Physical

Increased Speed is a Barbarian Skill in Diablo II.


It is a fatal assumption that the Barbarian warrior is slow and ponderous. His great bulk belies a very agile individual. A lifetime of patrolling the vast plains of his native soil, where it is often necessary to cover great distances in very little time, has empowered the Barbarian warriors with the ability to walk and run at surprising rates of speed.

General InformationEdit

Increased Speed passively boosts the Barbarian's movement (both when walking and running). This skill suffers from rapidly diminishing returns; it may be most efficient to just invest a few (if any) points in it and rely on the bonuses given by special items such as Barbarian Helms or Unique Items.

The speed bonus from this skill stacks with speed boosts from items. In addition, the increased speed does not change the Stamina drain per second, overall giving significant advantage while travelling.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Level 1234567891011
Speed Bonus 13% 18% 22% 25% 28% 30% 32% 33% 35% 36% 37%
Level 12131415161718192025
Speed Bonus 38% 39% 40% 40% 41% 41% 42% 42% 43% 44%
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