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"The Iron Wolves were mercenaries until we helped the Zakarum priests find the successor to the first Emperor Hakan. We became the emperor’s personal guard after that. But everything changed a few months ago when the first refugees began arriving. An Imperial guard was created to “protect” the citizens from the refugees while we were out in the desert, fighting the Coven and their demonspawn. Eventually they took over."

The Imperial Guard were the city guard of Caldeum. In truth, they were secretly the servants of Belial.


The Imperial Guard was mostly composed of Deceiver demons, though at least one human is known to have been part of their ranks. The Guard was primarily equipped with shields[1] and polearms. They were seen as a symbol of the hatred and corruption that had befallen Caldeum.[2]


"You Imperial Guard would let us die here. At least the Iron Wolves try to aid us!"
"Mention them again, and I will leave your corpse for them to find."

- A villager and a guardsman(src)

The Imperial Guard were formed a few months before the coming of the Fallen Star. At the time, refugees were fleeing from the Borderlands to Caldeum, in a bid to escape the Coven and their summoned demons. The Iron Wolves were sent out in the desert to fight them, while the Imperial Guard was created to “protect” the citizens from the refugees. Eventually, the Imperial Guard supplanted the Iron Wolves' former role.[3] The tenets of the Iron Wolves were studied by Belial's servants in an effort to understand their martial methods.[4]

Imperial Guard-gate

Imperial Guard guarding the entrance to Caldeum

By the coming of the Fallen Star, the situation had deteriorated even further. They refused to grant the refugees passage into Caldeum.[3] A contingent of Guardsmen were dispatched to the Khasim Outpost, obstensibly under the premise of keeping the locals in line.[5] They took the Iron Wolves there captive until they were freed by The Nephalem.[6] After The Nephalem defeated the Coven at Alcarnus, Belial ordered Guardsmen be dispatched to the Dahlgur Oasis to take the villagers there as slaves, and to kill any who resisted.[7]

While this was going on, the Imperial Guard was successful at tracking down and kidnapping Leah in the Sewers of Caldeum, bringing her to the Imperial Palace. The Nephalem rescued her after a brief fight.[8] By this stage, the Imperial Guard had also captured Adria, but she was also rescued.[9]

After this, the Imperial Guard's hold on the city began to weaken; some of those they had taken prisoner were able to escape.[10]


The player encounters Imperial Guard multiple times during Act II of Diablo III, most notably in the Imperial Palace and City of Caldeum zones. When they notice the player, they assume their real form in a short time, although before that they have a brief moment of fighting in their current form. Some of the guardsmen are dressed as officers, but as they are all demons in disguise, it gives them no advantage.

The Pledge of Caldeum polearm is an obtainable weapon, used by the Guard.

Known Members[]

"The Imperial Guard was infiltrated by demons? Or are they all demons?"

- Kadin(src)


Imperial Guardsmen


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  • According to The Order, the Imperial Guard were active by 1272. This contrasts with Diablo III, which states that the Imperial Guard were created only a few months prior to the game. (which takes place in 1285).