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Class: Amazon
Required Level: 12
Skill Tree: Javelin and Spear Skills
Requires: Jab
Cost: 3 Mana

Powerful attack that reduces weapon durability.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Requires a Spear or Javelin; Damages weapon durability on cast

Impale is an Amazon Skill in Diablo II.


Although deftness and superior hand-eye coordination are the hallmarks of the Amazon warrior, they are also well known for the ferocity of their attacks. An experienced warrior is able to focus her fury and deliver blows so powerful that they have been known to shatter their weapon in the process.

General InformationEdit


  • Gives synergy to: None
  • Receives synergy from: None

This skill causes the user to wind up and deal a particularly powerful, slow, thrusting attack at the cost of a chance of damaging the weapon's durability. It works especially well with indestructible weapons or those that can self-repair. The chance of damaging the weapon decreases with more points invested in the skill.

This attack can do huge amounts of damage at higher ranks, but conversely can prove detrimental to weapon durability. It could work nicely with Steel Pillar as it is indestructible, and has the highest damage of all spears. The Impaler's attributes are directly designed to be used with this skill. 

An Amazon with Steel Pillar using a level 25 Impale could hit upwards for 7000 damage with no ill effect to the weapon, 14000 if the Amazon has Critical Strike.

Impale does reduce attack speed by a significant degree, and that during the attack time, which can be over a second, the attack can be interrupted. In addition, it can never target more than one enemy. As such, it is a poor choice when faced with many opponents, even more so when they are dangerously fast attackers to begin with. However, against bosses, this skill is ideal for melee Amazons.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 3

Level 1234567891011
Bonus Attack 100% 125% 150% 175% 200% 225% 250% 275% 300% 325% 350%
Durability Damage 46% 42% 40% 37% 35% 34% 33% 32% 31% 30% 29%
Bonus Damage 300% 325% 350% 375% 400% 425% 450% 475% 500% 525% 550%
Level 12131415161718192025
Bonus Attack 375% 400% 425% 450% 475% 500% 525% 550% 575% 700%
Durability Damage 29% 28% 27% 27% 26% 26% 26% 26% 25% 25%
Bonus Damage 575% 600% 625% 650?% 675% 700% 725% 750% 775% 900%
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