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The Immortal Throne was a cultural icon in Barbarian society, prior to the scattering of their people by Baal. Throughout its history, only two Barbarians have ever been given the honor of sitting on the throne, including Bul-Kathos himself.

Chief Elder Kanai was under consideration for the honor as well. However, it never came to pass, as Sescheron was sacked, and Kanai killed in the siege, though upon death, his body had been put on the Throne.[1]



The Throne as seen in game

The Immortal Throne can be found in the Ruins of Sescheron (Elder Sanctum) in Act III (Adventure Mode only) of Diablo III, as an optional area to the north of the Kanai's Cube vault. It serves absolutely no gameplay role, as it contains few, if any, monsters, and only a few breakable objects.

Upon entering, the players witness a long hall with dozens of Barbarian spirits standing silently on the path to the Throne. In the very end of the hall, the Throne itself stands, with the mighty warrior encased in full Immortal King's Call armor sitting on it, Skorn (or, to be more precise, Kanai's Scorn) at his side (the warrior is revealed to be Kanai himself). Although well preserved, he is dead, and there is no interaction with his body unless during March.

In the Ruins of Sescheron there is a quest named Last of the Barbarians where you are tasked with freeing four barbarians. Upon doing this you are rewarded with a temporary barbarian follower: Skular. If you approach the king on the throne with Skular by your side, he will kneel before the throne and remain there permanently.

On March 1st and to March 31st, approaching the Throne will light the huge braziers and the pit beneath, and a portal to Kanai's Stomping Grounds will appear, as the spirit of King Kanai awakens. Entering it will start Udder Cowlamity event. In addition, a Mysterious Chest will appear during the last week of March next to the Throne, containing Kanai's Scorn.


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The concept art of the pyre

  • Immortal Throne is the name of expansion pack of Titan Quest, the 2006 Diablo-styled RPG video game.
  • Originally, the location was to be called Tomb of King Kanai, and was supposed to feature a funeral pyre.


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