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For the monster affix of the same name, see Monster Traits (Diablo III).
Illusionist2.png Illusionist
Taking more than 15% of maximum Life in unsaved damage over 1 second resets the cooldowns of Teleport, Slow Time and Mirror Image. Using either of these abilities also increases the movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. This effect will trigger even if the damage has been completely absorbed by force shields, Diamond Skin or other similar effects.

"To be where you are not is the wisest of strategies." —Grand Archmage Ralhys

Illusionist is aWizard passive ability, unlocked at character level 27.

Cooldowns of Archon variants of Teleport and Slow Time are not reset by Illusionist. There is no limit on how often the cooldowns can be reset.


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Before patch 2.0, the ability required the Wizard to take 15% or more damage in a single hit, making it useless against periodic damage. This was changed in 2.0.