"The smell of wild Khazra is terrifying, but at least they are firmly in the world of flesh and blood creatures. The ice Khazra lack any scent at all, and this makes them seem not of this world."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

Ice Clan khazra are found in the Dreadlands.[1]

In-game[edit | edit source]

Ice Clan khazra are encountered in Ruins of Sescheron in Act III of Diablo III, almost identical to the Moon Clan stat-wise. They also appear in Nephalem Rifts, where they are classified as undead and have snow-white hides (whereas their living relatives have light brown and red).

The only real difference between Moon and Ice clan is that Ice Clan Shamans have Fire attacks instead of Cold. The Undead Ice Clan Khazra are 100% identical to Moon Clan in all ways except monster type.

All Unique Ice Clan Khazra have white hides, although reason for this is unknown.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

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