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For information on Fahd's memory duplicate, see Memory of Iben Fahd.
"If a predator cannot overwhelm their prey quickly, they must do so methodically."

- Iben Fahd(src)

Iben Fahd was a member of the original Horadrim.


The Ammuit[]

Iben Fahd was once a member of the Ammuit Clan. Morrick was his superior.

Fahd accepted his superior's invitation to the pit fights he hosted in Gea Kul. At night, after the fight had concluded and the pit vacated, Fahd found his eye drawn to commingled blood and sweat in the pit. He watched a puddle sink through a concavity in the ground. When it dripped below, he saw white teeth gleam in a glistening red snout. The blood vanished with a puff of sand and a guzzling noise.

At some point, the Ammuit stripped Fahd of his titles. He did not complain, but simply defected[1] (it is unclear if this defection was to the Ennead or Horadrim).

The Horadrim[]

"Once, I helped found the Horadrim at the demands of the Archangel Tyrael. We slew some of the greatest evils on Sanctuary."

Fahd was one of the founding members of the Horadrim.[2] He was one to first realize the dangers Kanai's Cube posed, and spoke to the nine Horadrim against its further use, convincing most of them to hide the Cube.[3]

Legacy of the Horadrim

Fahd and the Horadrim bind their essence

Tal Rasha was among the Horadrim that bound their essence into vessels. As the Horadrim could not conquer death, these vessels would store their memories for future Horadrim.[2]

Sometime after the Hunt for the Three, Fahd came to lead the Horadrim.[4] Fahd participated in assault on the Archives of Zoltun Kulle. His most significant task was to carry Zoltun Kulle's still-living head and blood away, and hide them as far as he can (in Desolate Sands and Dahlgur Oasis). He succeeded in sealing these in the Forgotten Ruins, Vault of the Assassin and Cave of the Betrayer, hoping that the world will never disturb neither the head nor the deranged wizard's blood.[5]

Centuries later, the Memory of Iben Fahd contacted a hero, and guided them to the sanctum of the real Fahd, narrating how the Horadrim had taken steps to ensure that others would follow in their footsteps.[2]


The Memory of Iben Fahd is encountered as an NPC in Diablo Immortal, per the Legacy of the Horadrim system.

In Diablo III, several of the Kanai's Cube recipes bear his name: Anger, Pleasure, Wrath and Regret of Iben Fahd. His journal can be found in Act II.


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