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For the identically named journal from Diablo IV, see Hunter's Journal (Diablo IV).

The Hunter's Journal is a tome located in Act II of Diablo III.

Written by Iben Fahd of the Horadrim, it is found during the "Betrayer of the Horadrim" and "Blood and Sand" quests. Collecting it adds to the Evesdropper achievement.

The parts read as follows:

1. We are in agreement. Kulle the renegade must be stopped. He seeks to duplicate the power of the stones and wield it for his own ends. He is obsessed with the powers of Heaven and Hell. Drawing their attention will only bring doom to us all.

2. We set out in one week's time into the Desolate Sands to search for Kulle's hidden archives. None of us have any idea what to expect. How far has Kulle's madness driven him? How much power has he accumulated in his mad quest? I can only hope we are not too late...

3. We found Kulle's archives. They were strangely empty...at first. But Kulle laid traps everywhere. Each step harder than the next. It was foolish to expect otherwise. Kulle has prepared for many years for someone to come for him. Perhaps we are fools, and yet we must push on.

4. Try as we might, Kulle simply cannot be killed. His cursed body sustains him. He bleeds sand, and his laughter mocks us. There is only one course of action left to us. We will separate his body and his head, and hide the body within the shadow realm.

5. We will seal the shadow locks with vials of his blood in the desert under eternal guard. I can only hope that the world does no forget of Kulle's evil, and his blood remains undisturbed beneath the shifting sands.

6. Kulle mocks my every step. I try to shut him out, but his chattering is ceaseless. He takes joy in taunting me. I will not rise to the bait. I will not give in to him. I long for the silence that will come once I secure his head away.