A Hungry Corpse

Hungry Corpses (a.k.a. Walking Corpses) are undead monsters found in Diablo Immortal and Diablo III.


The Dark Exile and subsequent resurgence of Evil took its toll of the innocent people of Sanctuary. Entire villages were exterminated and countless travelers were butchered like cattle. But even in death these poor souls can not find rest. The power of the Fallen Star awoke these unjustly slain from their eternal slumber, and now they once more shamble through the woods, plains and ruins of the places they once held dear.[citation needed]


Diablo ImmortalEdit

Hungry Corpses appear in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo IIIEdit

Bloated corpse

In-game model

Hungry Corpses are found in Act I, Act II, Act III and Act V. They are faster, tougher and stronger than average risens, but are far fewer in number. One can easily recognize them by their more massive physique. They still share their lesser cousins' intelligence however and often shamble around aimlessly.

They often hide in the surroundings, and can crawl out of barrels and pits to ambush the player. Some of these sources of Corpses may be destroyed.

Crawling TorsoEdit


A Crawling Torso

Dust biter

Players should be wary of when a Hungry Corpse dies; sometimes, a Hungry Corpse will go through a scripted animation of it falling on its front. If this animation happens, the corpse will be torn in half, and a new monster (Crawling Torso) will be created. This one is as fast and strong as the normal Corpse, but has much less Life. So far, the only easily accessible method of preventing this is absolute destruction of the zombie's body, usually caused by the work of Critical Hits.

In some areas (most notably the Weeping Hollow), bands of Crawling Torsos can crawl forth from the bushes and ambush unwary travelers.

Crawling Torsos can be a surprise, but they are weak nevertheless. A single hit often suffices to send them back towards their graves. Note that Crawling Torsos do not 'expire' on their own; you need to land a killing blow in order to get rid of them.


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