Humongous is a normal unique Giant Axe from Diablo II.

Slow and powerful, Humongous tends to live up to its rather grandiose name. It has a relatively high chance of Crushing Blow, lashing off percentages of Life at a time.

However, Humongous also has the rarely found ability of actually increasing requirements instead of decreasing them; therefore, although giant axes typically need only a Strength of 70, Humongous' effect makes it 84.

If upgraded to the Ancient Axe, the Humongous' graphic changes to The Minotaur, but alters back to its original graphic when upgraded to the Glorious Axe. It does not become The Minotaur unique, it only looks like it.



Giant Axe

Two-Hand Damage: (47-56) To (96-124)
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 84
Durability: 50
Axe Class – Slow Attack Speed
+80-120% Enhanced Damage
Adds 8-(15-25) damage
33% chance of Crushing Blow
Requirements 20%
+20-30 to Strength

(Only spawns in Patch 1.09 or later)

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