Horned Demon

Horned Demons are tough monsters found within the catacombs beneath Tristram. Although their name suggests otherwise, they are in fact Animals. Horned Demons are named after the sharp pointed horn growing from their front heads, and appear as huge raging behemoths. They move about in high speed and are notorious for their frenzied charge attacks. When Horned Demons charge players their speed increases greatly and they move in a straight line towards their target. Charge attacks deal heavy damage, usually up to twice the damage of a normal attack, so it's best to avoid charging Horned Demons.

Horned Demons appear in several additional variations: Mud Runners, Frost Chargers and Obsidian Lords.

The Horned Demon version appears on the lower levels of the catacombs and in the first levels of the caves. They can also appear on the fifth level of the catacombs, but only as part of the Arkaine's Valor quest.


HORNED DEMONS (Impetum Cornuta)

Used as living siege engines, there are numerous accounts of these juggernauts smashing into the lines of the Seraphim and leaving only death and ruin in their wake. The skull and the single large horn in the snout of the demon are unnaturally durable. The Horned Demons prefer to wait until a clear path is available and then they charge towards their victims at incredible speeds. Be wary of this initial charge! It is far better to deal with these creatures in close quarters or with magic.

Unique Horned DemonsEdit


  • Resistance: No resistances.
  • Immunity: No immunities.
  • Hit Points: 40-80
  • Damage: 2-16
  • Level 6-8


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Horned Demon
VariantsHorned DemonMud RunnerFrost ChargerObsidian Lord
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