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For the quest of the same name, see The Horadric Bestiary.
"Years ago, Deckard Cain left me with a gift: a tome of Horadric origin. In truth, its strange magics were never meant for me. How fitting that he has sent you here to complete the circle."

- Akara(src)

Horadric Bestiary

The Horadric Bestiary

The Horadric Bestiary is a tome used in Diablo Immortal.


"Knowledge is a sword that will remain sharp long after you have dulled."

- The inside flap of the tome(src)

The bestiary was once possessed by Deckard Cain. At some point, he gave it to Akara. However, in her words, "its magics were never meant for me."

In 1270, Cain sent the Shard-seeker to the Dark Wood to retrieve the Worldstone shard that had fallen there. They met Akara, who entrusted them with the tome.[1]


The Horadric Bestiary features in Diablo Immortal, becoming available at the conclusion of "The Horadric Bestiary" quest.

The bestiary keeps track of the game's monsters. Defeating key monsters unlocks pages in the tome, and with every page unlock, the player becomes more powerful.[2] The tome is upgraded every time a player brings it to a Horadric Altar. Which monster page the player unlocks appears to be randomly determined. For instance, a player may unlock a page on a monster they have not yet encountered in-game. Players can unlock up to 3 pages per day. If players unlock a page they have already uncovered, they will receive gold instead.

The first Bestiary page unlocked each day grants the player a Legendary item.[3] The chance of obtaining a new Bestiary page is increased when offering Monstrous Essence to the Horadric Altar for the first time each day.[4]


The bestiary has numerous levels with associated bonuses.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
    • +150 Life
    • +15 Damage
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
    • +250 Life
    • +25 Damage
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
    • +350 Life
    • +35 Damage
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
    • +450 Life
    • +45 Damage


The bestiary records details on monsters. There are currently 50 Unique Monsters, 50 Rare Monsters, and 47 Common Monsters (the numbers have steadily increased as the game has been updated).


Image Monster Description
Aeshama Beastiary Aeshama The demon Aeshama has twisted so many minds that she is only sated by the ruin of the mighty. She plies wanderers and queens alike with her seductive deceit; her ability to dominate their thoughts is even stronger within her lair. In the Domain of Horror, Aeshama's empire is nearly real, and she craves one more price- the awakened soul of a nephalem.
Agronix DIHB Agronix Magma flows from the footsteps of this massive biped, and fire springs from the cracks in its skin. At the nadir of Dravec's goodness, Skarn "lent" Agronix to the traitorous monk, but whether as pet or minder remains a matter of mystery.
True Nightmare Ancient Nightmare This beshadowed, demonic colossus has stalked the highlands of Mount Zavain since the last days of the war between Rakkis and the Patriarchs. Wherever it treads, poisonous black fog seeps from the ground, birthing horrors from the worst nightmares of those who stay within.
Apothrus DIHB Apothrus, Tamer of the Fallen The claimant of Rattlebreath Hall traps and torments dead souls as they escape their bodies, leaving maddened haunts behind. No amount of anguished dead can calm Apothrus's fury at his imprisonment—his sole memory of humiliation in a primordial existence. While other Voidwound seek revelry[5] or power,[6] he remains focused on eternal vengeance.
Baal-immortal Baal The Prime Evil Baal revels in all forms of annihilation. After sieging Mount Arreat, he corrupted the Worldstone — the power that created Sanctuary — and pushed the world to the brink. His plan would have poisoned humanity if not for the Archangel Tyrael's decision to destroy the Worldstone, though now its shards seed havoc wherever they fall.
Pestilent Baron DIHB Baron of Pestilence One of the first demons invited into Skarn's Realm of Damnation, the Baron is noteworthy for unwavering obedience to any lord of Hell, so long as it can spend its existence engaged in the uninterrupted propagation and suppuration of cysts.
Black Rose Blood Rose While the Countess lay entombed in her tower, carnivorous plants broke through the soil to feed upon her body. In time, their vines were bound to her thoughts, and they spread across the Dark Wood to steal blood from the living. The Blood Rose has more hunger than sentience, but its growth proves that the Countess's will is increasingly manifest.
The Butcher DIHB The Butcher The rapacious demons known as Butchers strike fear into all who can feel it. Angels, humans, demons, and undead alike writhe on the ever- present hooks found in a Butcher's ramshackle lair. Though they fight with brute speed and strength, Butchers have a gourmand's palate; to them, the mortified flesh of the still-living tastes best of all.
Catarag DIHB Catarag the Strangling Sun Catarag's crowning in the Black Abyss left behind a burning shadow that swallows up light. When it rose on Sanctuary as a smear on the sun. A circle of Sharval witches barely confined the demon at the cost of their lives. Centuries later, it seeks to bring about a shadowed age where the void of its birth can consume sun and moon, Heaven and Hell.
Ongori Chieftain Ongori As humanity spread throughout Bilefen island, the demonic fetishes have changed. The more humans the fetishes hunt and kill with their mysterious chieftain near, the more fetishes seem to join the next attack. Rumor holds that they are born of murder itself, with new fetishes made from every life taken in their leader's presence.
Coldsnap DIHB Coldsnap Records of Coldsnap reach back to Sanctuary's ancient history. In every language known, they describe its cruel stare and the blistering ice left in its wake. As common are tales of its vanquishing: might its spirit be fettered to an object,[7] or to the world? Or are there multiple such demons, each returning until all of them are slain at once?
Corphet Corphet the Venomwing The ancient guardian of the Chamber of Wisdom is bloated with noxious venom it must continually expel or drown in. Given Fahir's cruelty, such an existence suggests The Venomwing was once a rival; yet unlike others transformed by the king, there is no record of the being who would become Corphet among the burial chambers of the Fahirian aristocracy.
Countess3 The Countess Beauty and nobility convinced the Countess of her superiority from her early years in an isolated Khanduran castle. Rather than accepting age, she bathed in the blood of hundreds to retain her youth. When her reign ended, she was interred in her own tower; reborn, she stretched her hands out to seize the lives of any who would not serve.
The Curator The Curator An ageless simulacrum intended to be a receptacle for Zoltun Kulle's consciousness in the event of his death. The Curator possesses of its creator's wit and focus, but without the egomania he manifested in his later years. It administers to Kulle's libraries, and is effective at managing constructs and minimizing magical decay.
Deepstrider Behemoth DIHB Deepstrider Behemoth Tentacled Deepstriders spend their lives rummaging in the brackish depths, where they can subsist on carcasses for months. This deepstrider runt's scavenging ended when it swallowed a chunk of the Worldstone. It burst into misshapen growth, which continued long after the stone was pulled free from its maw.
Dra'yev DIHB Dra'yev Throughout his training at the Sanctified Earth Monastery, Dravec's bitterness and anomie were only calmed by his brother, Tayev. Tayev's death ensured Dravec would never know calm again. The brothers were reunited after Dravec pledged his soul to Skarn, Lord of Damnation, who cruelly granted Dravec's wish by fusing the two into a demonic monstrosity.
Dymdrail DIHB Dymdrail, Crawling Woe Dymdrail's insatiability left it an easy mark for imprisonment by the Circle of Untameable Wilds — a performance of slow drowning was all it took to coax the demon from its lair. Yet Dymdrail contains multitudes within its folds of shadow, and with each soul it devours, it grows further legion.
Eskara Bestiary Eskara Bitterness fueled Eskara's rise. The privation of her youth led to a servant's adolescence among Kingsport's knife gangs, subject to countless cruelties. She traded her soul for escape. Eskara remembers every wickedness dealt her, and offers up those responsible--and those who failed to help, and those who resemble them--to the Cult of Damnation.
Fahir2 Fahir The Fahiran Empire was marred by grisly sacrifices and cursed longevity rituals for the king's benefit. Fahir's dynasty lasted generations before dissidents broke his scepter, leaving Shassar impossible to rule. Fahir's malice has grown in his tomb; he will cursed his enemies descendants and bury Shassar if he cannot have it.
Fallen War Matron Fallen War Matron The War Matron is one of the only beings who compels obedience from the anarchic Fallen. Demons take every opportunity to torment targets before her gaze, even competing with each other in displays of brutality. All Fallen scheme to murder their fellows, but the Matron's fearsome strength keeps her charges trapped between violence and prostration.
Fleshcraft Hydra DIHB Fleshcraft Hydra A product of Zoltun Kulle's experimentation at its most deranged, this enormous construct lurks in the darkest pits of his library, crushing and devouring intruders. Any duty it once had to secure its ruined lair has been subsumed by insatiable hunger.
150 Gebdu, Mountain Breaker Gebdu strives to purge the land of life, leaving behind a bare and desolate world. Gebdu relies on his strength and size to shatter towns and people to the paste on which his children feed. Of his own accord, Gebdu would grind the same region to dust for eons. But the Lord of Destruction granted him a vision of Sanctuary, and he now wishes to see it all crumble at once.
Twin Terrors DIHB Gishtur & Beledwe Gishtur and Beledwe were made of the same inseparable, swirling chaos. They gave one another form, then crafted every malefic weapon they could imagine. Whether operating the Hellforge for the Great Evils or fusing souls and flesh in their own Fellsteel Foundry, they hoard their greatest workings for one another.
Glacial Colossus DIHB Glacial Colossus Within the Cavern of Echoes waits the Iceburn Tear, a stone that emanates a cold as potent as death. Legend holds that its guardian is born of the frostbitten flesh of those who sought to claim the stone's power. The glacial colossus is ever- growing, and so connected to its charge that, if it should crumble, its entire domain would follow suit.
Gorgothra DIHB Gorgothra the Claimer The Claimer is an empire unto herself. The serpents that writhe within her massive bulk are her army: sycophantic deceivers and mortal cultists are her clergy, and the building blocks of her kingdom are the petrified corpses she collects like trophies. If not for the unpredictable torpors required to sustain her clutch, she would reign over the Wrathborne.
Haffegul DIHB Haffegul The Haffegul is an endlessly ravenous beast of the Forgotten Sea, beholden only to a hunger that intensifies with each meal. To earn its allegiance, the Lilin Elder Morwith plied it with the survivors of her own voyage. The Haffegul followed where she sailed, devouring ships' crews whole and leaving the wrecks to Morwith's command.
Haunted Carriage Haunted Carriage Adventurers traveling through Ashwold Cemetery are sure to become well-acquainted with the haunted carriage said to carry the souls of the dead. The path it follows remains a mystery, but none who live to describe the carriage forget the avaricious faces of its ghostly passengers.
Ifriss the Destroyer DIHB Ifriss the Destroyer When not dispatched by the Lord of Damnation, Ifriss wallows in the Molten Egress of Skarn's domain. Magma suffuses its skin, seeping free and starting fires as it tramples through mortal lands. A tongue of flame lolls garishly from its mouth; Ifriss uses it to slurp up the anguished spirit of any creature it burns alive.
Izilech DIHB Izilech the Misshapen Vindictive, cruel Izilech leads the Wrathborne, but not by might alone. After defying the Lord of Terror days before the Dark Exile, Izilech's body twisted and broke... yet his will remained his own. Izilech reviled his new form, but the Hells proclaimed him bound to the greatest of all Evils, and the Misshapen has fed greedily on his legend.
Lakrii DIHB Lakrii Over years guarding the Dark Wood, Lakrii grew attached to her battle- captain, Kashya, but could never secure the affection she wanted. After a final rejection, Lakrii left. In recent days, a ghost-pale woman caked in blood has led a wave of defections from the rogues. Lakrii's new paramour presents no uncertainty--just the clarity of service.
Lassal Art Lassal the Flame-spun The Flame-spun yearns to walk through a world reduced to lifeless rubble by his own hand, and indulge in the lingering terror of its incineration. Lassal was born of the primal fear of extinction, and is so eager and enthusiastic to witness it that he may become as much of a danger to the other Wrathborne as he is to their victims.
Lethes DIHB Lethes Lethes could have been Deathspeaker if not for her disdain of Balance. Though she proudly advocated for resilient undead nations, her necromancy was often imprecise. After she spread curses through the Necropolis, Lethes was put on trial by her mentor, Xul. She fled, abandoning her dream of a dead kingdom...until she discovered a Worldstone shard.
Lord Martanos DIHB Lord Martanos A once-noble holy warrior of Zakarum, Martanos fell to hatred during a campaign to conquer Ivgorod in Rakkis's name. While many of the Zakarum faithful were suborned by demons, Martanos's zeal and desire to convert unbelievers saw his aims align naturally with Mephisto — and his soul slip into damnation with ease.
Manoruk DIHB Manoruk Once a pious court mage, Manoruk was one of the first to be murdered by his master, King Leoric, when he was driven to madness by the Burning Hells. The injustice fettered Manoruk's spirit between life and death. He waits in Leoric's shadow. and shields the king from visitors — but whether for his lord's protection or theirs, Manoruk cannot say
Sladyan DIHB Patriarch Sladyan As Patriarch of Balance in the Sahptev faith, Sladyan the Unbent symbolized harmony between chaos and order, worship and statecraft. When Rakkis's crusade reached Ivgorod, Sladyan came to symbolize victory. By expelling his soul with a forbidden technique, Sladyan blanketed Zavain in darkness that would shield and torment his home for centuries.
Phangwrth DIHB Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster Phangwrth has lived a frigid existence since it crawled in shadowed form out of the Abyss. Any warmth it feels has been carved from the steaming entrails of its kills; centuries imprisoned have worsened its cravings. Freed to walk Sanctuary, it gnaws at frost and bone, inexorable as winter wind, and will soon turn to a feast of millions.
Red Rhodri Rhodri the Red Rhodri the Red drew sea reavers together in opportunism. As his contemporaries fought over shipping lanes, he pillaged distant lands. In Bilefen's waterways, he gathered ancient magic and vile beasts. His one-sided bloodshed is notorious--perceived insults sparked "duels" with Rhodri, his Ichthid pet, and a dozen Bilge Rats against one offender.
Sandstone Golem DIHB Sandstone Golem One of Zoltun Kulle's most enduring and dangerous creations, the sandstone golem is an early experiment in "living sand." It was the work of decades, and perhaps would have been the work of centuries had not the golem begun to modify and enlarge itself, demonstrating its primacy among Kulle's singleminded defenders.
Sargoth Sargoth Ambitious, gifted Sargoth was the sole student of a cabal pledged to instruct him in magecraft. Impatient with his progress, he murdered them in their beds; he was just fifteen. At the apex of his power, Sargoth offered an entire temple city to the Burning Hells. Only the desperate efforts of the priestess Namari sealed him in the temple's ruin.
Segithis Segithis Segithis was the servant of Fahir. It appears that Segithis was the one responsible for killing Rani Oran's husband when the two entered the Tomb of Fahir. At the least, her husband's wedding ring ended up in Segithis's possession.
Shaddox HB Shaddox The angel Shaddox was instrumental in scouting the labyrinthine coils of the Burning Hells and discovering the Realm of Damnation. Drive and self sacrifice made Shaddox first into the breach — and first to be captured. Over years of torment, Skarn pried hope and valor from Shaddox's grip, only despair remained to animate his fallen shell.
The Howling Terror Shumbeel, Howling Terror The Howling Terror Shumbeel is a ravenous predator whose shattering screams drove angels to the ground throughout the battlefields of eternity. Loosed on Sanctuary, it meddles in the tiny movements of mortals not out of care for their strategy, but for the opportunity to watch so many of them scatter at once.
Skarn-bestiary Skarn The once-minor demon Skarn crafted a realm in the Burning Hells with power he siphoned from the remains of Diablo, whose spirit he kept bound. Contact with humanity reinforced Skarn's belief that the nephalem had been spoiled by their parentage. Humankind could win the Eternal Conflict for him if only they were purged of their angelic essence.
Skorspine DIHB Skorspine As more people recoiled from his brutal rule, Fahir sought new servants. Transforming a broken soldier into a monster was magnanimity, and he sent Skorspine to search the empire for offerings. After Fahir's scepter was split, Skorspine pursued the shepherds who bore the headpiece. They buried themselves, the headpiece, and Skorspine in its prison.
Strazos DIHB Strazos, Steadfast Decay Strazos views all life as a stepping stone allowing him to take his place as the end of all things. The Steadfast Decay longs to oversee the slow impermanence and rot of Sanctuary. He feeds on souls he's locked in his Entropic Prison. draining them of their life while they watch their essence used to conquer the living.
Vhansoon DIHB Vhansoon, Desolation's Scourge The moment of Vhansoon's emergence upon Sanctuary withered foliage and split the earth for miles around the Atrium Ignic. Those who gaze upon its shadow feel their teeth and nails start to splinter. Yet it is its most "precise" weapon — a great cannon from the Hellforge — that has claimed the greatest number of lives.
Vataos DIHB Vataos The overlord Vataos built a desert gang through imperial cruelty mdash raiding travelers, taxing cases, and establishing brutal labor camps throughout Shassar. Vataos first used the Sand Scorpions to enrich himself, but after his anointed successor deserted, he found a new aspiration: to rebuild Fahir's kingdom of death in his own image.
Vitaath Art Vitaath the Shivering Death The laconic demon Vitaath stalks her prey cloaked in frozen wind, and gives chase on icy zephyrs. She relishes nothing so much as the moment her targets find themselves unable to move. The Shivering Death became a favorite servant of Diablo on the Battlefield of Eternity. where her twisted wings and blade were mistaken for those of a fallen angel.
Zaka Zaka Between the Burning Hells lurk Pits of Anguish, feeding grounds for Abyssal gargantuans who spawn hordes from the souls they consume. The largest gargantuans lie dormant until sustenance rouses them, but Zaka has gouted forth legions since Skarn began chipping at its cage. With another feeding, a nation-sized army will roll free of its gullet.
Zolthrax DIHB Zolthrax The Culler of the Twice-Damned patrols the pits of anguish, eliminating any demon warriors it deems inadequate with a swing of its boiling blades. Rumor holds that Zolthrax was once among their number: a faceless, identical wretch before it offered up scores of its fellows in tribute to the Abyssal worm below.


Image Monster Description
Abominable Berserker DIHB Abominable Berserker These brutish snow beasts crystallize ice in their grasp and hurl it at anything that moves. They are coordinated hunters; during an attack, a few vanguards pelt their prey into immobility, while the rest move in, tear off pieces of their still-living victims and enjoy the warmth of their blood.
Amalgamated Dreg DIHB Amalgamated Dreg Demonic remains unsuited to Zoltun Kulle's experiments filled waste piles before their natural value became clear to the mad mage. The diversity of dregs' component parts has increased over the centuries, and brutal pincers used to cripple intruders are their only mainstay.
Atrophant DIHB Atrophant In the wake of the Worldstone's destruction, massive and brutal atrophants wade ashore to menace Stormpoint. They impale their victims with blade-whip extremities, and leave necrotized bodies flopping about like suffocating fish.
Blood Lord DIH Blood Lord Named for the arterial spray that follows in their wake, blood lords hack through any foes that stand before them. Their gargantuan weapons shatter even the strongest mortal defenses, and the survivors of an initial charge can hold little hope in melee against these behemoths.
Bloodsworn Priestess DIHB Bloodsworn Priestess As the Countess's chosen servants ingest more of her vile blood, they inherit her control over flame, but are also closely bound to their ruler's mind. Bloodsworn priestesses feel her rage at every transgressing footstep upon her ancestral land, and strike back as though it were their own homes under Invasion.
Castigator DIHB Castigator Castigators undergo ages of confinement and mortification after every successful campaign, and these durances teach the self-absorbed creatures how best to instill fear in others. An ancient castigator's ball-and-chain is a mundane weapon its fractured mind is the true instrument of its brutality.
Corrupted Mauler DIHB Corrupted Mauler Bears infected by the creeping corruption of the Dark Wood senselessly maul anything within their territory: animals, people, and the land itself. No matter how much blood they consume, only the Countess is sated.
Crawling BaneDIHB Crawling Bane During Stormpoint's busiest days, prisoners who appealed to the guard could find themselves sent to the first floor: closest to open air and freedom, but also most prone to flooding. When a shard of the Worldstone began to fester within the prison, some victims took on the aspect of the tides that washed over them, and lashed out at the cruel world around.
Deceiver DIHB Deceiver Deceivers are masters of manipulation bound to the demon lord Belial. So hungry are they to profane souls that they pursue their own treacheries independent of the Lord of Lies. Deceivers private "distractions" have endangered nations throughout Sanctuary, and there's no telling how many are active today
Destructive Nightmare DIHB Destructive Nightmare Creatures of shadow and unmitigated violence, destructive nightmares use tri- bladed chain sickles to hobble their enemies, and scythe their own flesh in the absence of anyone else to hurt. The smallfolk fleeing Zavain's valleys believe that to meet the eyeless gaze of a nightmare is to instantly grant it access to your greatest weakness.
Dire Vulture DIHB Dire Vulture Sanctuary's vultures are a well-fed lot. Due to the preponderance of pestilent carrion in their diet, they are immune to most poisons. As they circle overhead, they drip plagued offal from feathers they have never once preened.
Dross Eater DIHB Dross Eater The bellicose dross eaters appear native to the Realm of Damnation. They flood lava banks at the slightest presence of any trespassers including other demons, and breach the molten surface of their home to spew gobs of fire that cling to the skin.
Fallen Shaman-bestiary Fallen Shaman Fallen shaman have slain unwary adventurers who underestimated the dark powers they command. They lead swarms of lesser counterparts in raids, and hurl bolts of fire at foes from afar. Left unchecked they will resurrect their allies and overwhelm any who oppose them.
Frost Overlord DIHB Frost Horror Overlord A sufficiently powerful frost horror shardmage becomes an overlord after fashioning a staff from the skull and spine of a comrade. Overlords direct the deployment of lesser horrors, and their ability to manipulate cold grows ever stronger, manifesting in waves of frost that freeze squads of warriors where they stand.
Frost Sadist DIHB Frost Horror Sadist Some immense frost horrors rose to prominence in Baal's army for their ability to win battles through fear alone. Sadists swing ice-spiked boulders like flails, and crush foes underfoot as they fight. In victory, a sadist decapitates their most renowned enemy, then impales the head on its spines, creating a record of triumph for all to see.
Gelatinous Remains DIHB Gelatinous Remains The sump stench and spoiled water of the Bilefen earn the most alarm from sailors who skip over Port Justinian. But the true curse of the swamp is how little respect it has for the dead. Oozing mounds of mud and melted flesh gather mass as they scoot across the landscape, growing larger with each ship that arrives on their island.
Glacial Monstrosity DIHB Glacial Monstrosity The towering yeti slumbered in solitude until Baal ascended Arreat's slopes. Enraged by the disturbance, they gore with horn and claw, or hurl mounds of snow. When they sense a kill, yeti loose a thunderous bellow that seems to shake the mountain's summit.
Gracecul DIHB Gracecul The sightless graceculs track their targets with a hound's nose for shame and fear. They are Skarn's enforcers, granted a stay of long-standing torment in exchange for their service. Graceculs wield massive, infernal weapons against any who bring weakness to the realm with wide-mouthed glee.
Grand Proxy DIHB Grand Proxy Before the Fire of Life devastated Ancients' Cradle, "Proxy" was a ceremonial position-an impartial witness to judgment among the Cradle's Sanctifiers. Today, the proxies power grows each time they reenact the violent retributions they once merely observed.
Grim Summoner DIHB Grim Summoner Those without the talent or understanding to wield necromancy with care have found a windfall in the deathly energies swirling through Ashwold. Even meager practitioners find their powers enhanced, and they flock to the cemetery to bind its restless souls to their service.
Harbinger DIHB Harbinger Winged harbingers are elite strikers among terror demons agile in the sky and brutal in hand-to-hand combat, with a visage that inspires human adherents to mad praise. They are revered as living symbols of Diablo's strength-as more appear, his rebirth draws ever closer.
Hell Bearer DIHB Hell Bearer Bearers climb and burrow with the servants of Hell hidden away in their gullets. Arriving at a wall or regiment's back line. they vomit their passengers forth in surprisingly strategic streams. Once the shock of their presence has passed, they gulp down enemies and allies befire moving on to their next target.
Hellfire Rider DIHB Hell Rider When the Lord of Damnation notices his servitors working effectively together, he ensures they remain so. A shackled rider and mount are eternally conjoined, granting the resultant being the agility of two wills and the ability to deliver vicious dual strikes in flight.
Hellflyer DIHB Hellflyer Hellflyers ascend from the infernal abyss with a clear purpose: spread fire to the highest reaches, fill the shallows with their acid breath, and feast upon the ashes left behind.
Pestilent Herald DIHB Herald of Pestilence Demons punished for rebellion against the Lord of Sin shrivel as toxic growth spreads throughout their bodies. One of their limbs swiftly dominates the host, and lashes out at foes near and far as if possessed of a mind all its own.
Damned Priest DIHB High Priest of Damnation High Priests of Damnation are admitted to the Burning Hells — once — when they convert twoscore souls. Before Skarn, their eyes are pierced through with a painbrand; after, every human they see appears trapped in torment. They grow more persuasive, and speak of retribution and judgment for the "wrong" choices with peerless authenticity.
Keeper DIHB Keeper Not all who stalk the swirling sands of Zoltun Kulle's library are creations of the mad mage. The ambient magic of the library seems to have a lingering instinct; it twists, animates, and binds the souls of the dead to servitude, all in defense of keeping an abandoned machine creaking along for centuries.
Khazra Shaman DIHB Khazra Shaman Shaman inspire the simple-minded khazra herd with rhythmic, bleating war chants and banners that exude dark magic. When they whip up a gale, khazra warriors are spared its effects,[8] allowing them to slaughter the helpless with ease.
Lost Soul DIHB Lost Soul Lost souls are trapped in a never-ending echo, doomed to relive the horrible violence of their deaths. Possessing a living body can temporarily ease their torment, but all such hosts eventually wither away under the strain.
Maggot Brood DIHB Maggot Brood These stinking horrors burrow to conceal their great mass and stench from prey, then burst from the ground to spray clutches of parasites. Once their quarry is knee-deep in maggots, the beasts consume both their intended meal and their own offspring.
Misbegotten Maw DIHB Misbegotten Maw Though no animals lived in harmony with the Lilin and Inari, careful hunting practices allowed diverse fauna to persist on Ancients' Cradle for millennia. Today, the misbegotten maws have inherited the hunger of every predator that ever prowled the island, along with an epoch's worth of teeth and claws.
Overseer-bestiary Overseer Few sentient demons enjoy bloodshed as much as overseers. They revel in the spray of blood off their whips, whether from the back of a fellow demon or the severed limbs of their foes. The armies of Hell owe much of their fervor to the overseer's lash.
Plague Nest DIHB Plague Nest These pulsating growths spew forth batlike demons that blight the surrounding flora. As a plague nest pullulates, it increasingly resembles the monstrosities it births.
Rat King-bestiary Rat King When vermin feast on carrion from the Hells, their appetites have transformative consequences. These mutated beasts stalk ruins and sewers, blinding their quarry with toxic spittle before attacking-- a behavior which at least hides the rat kings' fleshless faces.
Ravager Lord DIHB Ravager Lord No amount of violence will quench the flame-spewing bloodlust of a ravager lord. Their titanic forms barely contain the hellfire that burns beneath their skin. Were one to burn the whole world to ash, its rage would only grow hotter.
Rock Golem DIHB Rock Golem Imbued iron rings and spikes make these constructs of living sand formidable combatants. Zoltun Kulle was fond of using them to protect his archives, but many have grown unstable since his demise, as the safeguards that held them in check slowly decay.
Royal Shieldbearer DIHB Royal Shieldbearer These soldiers continue to serve as Leoric's elite protectors long after rotting to bones. Once wielding immense shields to hold back desperate crowds, his guard now inhabit their old armor to defy the forces of Lethes. Even in death, the defenders of Khanduras still obey their king.
Sand Scorpion Outlaw DIHB Sand Scorpion Outlaw After the betrayal of his most trusted lieutenant, the Sand Scorpion leader Vataos only granted rank privileges to those willing to "lend" a family member to his labor camps. Outlaws possess immense physical prowess and skill with unusual weapons, but their most valued quality is loyalty.
Skeletal Mage DIHB Skeletal Mage Few make better targets for unlife than those with the will to work magic. Freed of their bothersome caution, they fling baleful arcana, heedless of the damage. Summoners compulsively raise skeletons. perpetuating an endless spiral of resurrection that will surely overwhelm humanity one day.
Skeletal Marauder DIHB Skeletal Marauder Despite their apparent sluggishness, marauders: showcase unnatural speed when near the warmth of the living. They block attacks with a surprising quickness, and lunge forth to deliver crippling overhead strikes, then amble slowly away once their quarry's blood finally runs cold
Spinebloom DIHB Spinebloom Spinebloom emerge from the rare Lilin who dared contain their affliction by channeling the Fire of Life, the power imbued in their homeland. These mockeries pierce their hosts' internals from inside, then slough off ruined skin like a dog shaking off water.
Succubus-DI Succubus For millennia, succubi have taken pleasure in enslaving thralls by twisting their desires into soul-shattering compromises. Once bound to a succubus service, no captive breaks their band without losing their humanity.
Thorned Hulk DIHB Thorned Hulk Thorned Hulks are gigantic, brambled guardians imbued with malign intellect by the encroaching darkness in their domains. They seem to avoid other polluted beings, but they pulverize anything that does not share their corruption.
Treasure Goblin DIHB Treasure Goblin Treasure goblins greedily Scour battlefields and ruins for more valuables than any human could carry. When spotted, they flee at blinding speed and escape into shimmering portals, where they offer up their plunder to a monstrous entity.
Unburied DIHB Unburied Forgotten victims of mass burials sometimes rise as a single unburied--a monstrosity of fused flesh and jagged stone. Its many faces howl as it engulfs more dead, entombing them anew in its body.
Varanid DIHB Varanid Varanids are reptilian ambush predators native to the plains near Ivgorod. They lunge from the brush, unhinging their jaws wide enough to crush a grown adult--bones, clothes and all. Yet varanids are nearly always lone hunters, contributing to a belief that they are cannibalistic, and hunt humans for sport, not nourishment.
Vile Mother DIHB Vile Mother Vile mothers are drawn to fecundity on Sanctuary; no few scholars believe that their presence can poison the hearts of any born nearby. A vile mother spawns its tormented offspring in a painful instant; they instinctively burrow inside the bodies of the slain even before their eyes have fully opened.
TBA Wood Wraith Departed souls of a peaceful or protective bent sometimes reunite with the land, taking the form of trees in death. Their size and immobility makes them easily profaned by demonic magic, and the monstrous result—a wood wraith--is driven to poison and crush everything within reach of its boughs.


Image Monster Description
Arach DIHB Arach The Burning Hells warp some beasts more easily than others, and none seem as susceptible as spiders. Foul arach strains work together in hive colonies, and choke the countryside in webs and venom.
Baal's Minion DIHB Baal's Minion These stocky monstrosities still carry the banner of their defeated creator, the Lord of Destruction, in the wastes of Arreat. Why they continue to demolish an already ruined land and hunt its refugees remains a mystery — is this instinct, or some greater will?
Blisterfish DIHB Blisterfish This scavenger's sting incapacitates with a graze. The affected suffer permanent loss of function and the namesake blisters, excruciating welts that spread numbness across the body when they burst.
Bloodsworn DIHB Bloodsworn The Countess's thralls battle the rogues of the Dark Wood with bows, wicked shields. and sawtoothed blades. They believe unflinchingly in her claim to the lands of Khanduras, and know their ritually shared blood will one day see them join her Hominion as petty rulers
Bog Creature DIHB Bog Creature Bog creatures lurk beneath grime-coated waters, surfacing only to belch acid on passing prey. Remoted ponds and oases that seem to be live-saving miracles have ended the journey of many a luckless traveler.
Confined DIHB Confined Time in a gibbet cage is a common punishment for Stormpoint prisoners without influence. The warping power of the Worldstone fused those thus confined to their cages. With the prison unsealed, they now crawl into the light in search of vicious indemnification.
Cradleguard DIHB Cradleguard Sacred Shieldholm was an attempt to reproduce the inspiring vistas of the Heavens with terrestrial materials and terrestrial defenders. After Morwith stole the Pathstone from Ancients' Cradle,[9] the cradleguard constructs reacted with rage, attacking pilgrims and shrugging off the wards that formerly commanded them.
Cragworm DIHB Cragworm Cragworms fill their icy burrows with corrosive drool. insulating them from pursuers and predators. They breach ground to spit at prey, then disappear again, only emerging in full once their target is tenderized enough to drag below and dissolve.
Damned Cultist DIHB Damned Cultist It is rare to come of age amidst the horrors of Sanctuary without a few grievances. Despite it's grisly course, Damnation's message is seductive to many more people than the "civilized" folks of Khanduras might expect. It preordains punishments for the defiant — and, for the supplicant, the opportunity to swing the executioner's axe at last.
150 Deep Stalker Despite their inhumanit appearance, deep stalkers showcase startlingly human malice toward the social order on Stormpoint. After the decommissioning of the prison, they have appeared more and more in the shallows. They swim tremendous distances, often lapping the island to stalk and terrorize soldiers operating out of the keep.
Demon Warrior DIHB Demon Warrior Demonic warriors may occasionally fight like people. yet people they are not. The "familiar weapons they bear are tempered in blood and tears, the moment their swords dull, the demons cast them aside for the cruel delights of raking flesh with teeth and claws.
Direwolf DIHB Direwolf These pack hunters are not immune to the malevolent presence seeping into their habitat. To a wolf twisted by demonic influence, the only difference between a farmer and their livestock is how fast they run.
Drub DIHB Drub Drubs clamber from the depths of the Burning Hells with a single-minded hunger for remains. Their shrieks are a constant reminder of Hell's claim on all flesh and blood, offered up or not.
Dune Thresher DIHB Dune Thresher Dune threshers "swim" through sand, enabled by monstrous hinged jaws. Keen tactile senses allow them to notice food from miles away, long before roiling sand heralds their approach. A dune thresher can burrow with alacrity to escape violence or pull prey to a suffocating death below.
Enraged Phantom DIHB Enraged Phantom These spirits refuse to accept the reality of their demise, and swiftly drain the life from any who wander their haunts. They attack from a distance, for the sight of the living up close is an agonizing reminder of all they've lost.
Fallen Mongrel Fallen Mongrel These hellish beasts race ahead of fallen raiding parties to hamstring prey for easy slaughter. They howl gutturally at the sight of foes- a far cry from their masters well-documented cowardice.
Fetish DIHB Fetish The deceptive appearance of these demons belies their cruelty with knives and poison. The world's isolated corners have always drawn fetishes, but their shocking fecundity in Bilefen has led to mass abductions from the island's meager settlements.
Foundling DIHB Foundling Foundlings are drawn to anything burning: torches forges, or flesh. They scurry about heat sources, spreading flames as far as they will go. and taking cruel joy in their effects on others--effects that leave the foundlings utterly unbothered.
Frost Horror Slasher DIHB Frost Horror Slasher These malformed wretches are born intangible, and fashion their bodies and their weapons from their environments. As onetime subjects of the Lord of Destruction, Baal, the modern frost horrors arose in the Plains of Blood, where they climb half- formed from piles of Arreat's dead, and fight in a mockery of the barbarian twin-bladed style
Fruitful Vine DIHB Fruitful Vine The Ancients' Cradle was offered to its keepers as a place of life, a paradise of burgeoning and blooming. Even in its death throes, the land's creeping flora still perform their duty.
Grave Robber-bestiary Grave Robber As bedlam spreads through Ashwold, banditry follows. Though grave robbers prefer to skulk in the darkness and steal from corpses, they're more than willing to create one if the loot is good.
Hellfire Augur DIHB Hellfire Augur Though the khazra are no stranger to abhorrent acts, some clans find serving Hell controversial. Augurs coax their reluctant kin into demonic subjugation. and are rewarded with command of flames and the ability to read prophecy in the death-ash of those they kill.
Hellion DIHB Hellion Cultists of the Burning Hells summon these deformed demons to ravage foes with their protruding bones and fangs. Hellions leave ghastly symmetry everywhere, after they make a kill, they mangle its corpse until it resembles one of them.
Hungry Corpse DIHB Hungry Corpse The risen wear the scars of their former lives and the accumulated rot of the years after. Their unceasing hunger for living flesh is a condemnation of all who failed to prevent their deaths.
Imp DIHB Imp Despite their miniscule size. the tiny agents of chaos dubbed "imps" drag down larger victims with their knifelike nails and teeth. They delight in desecrating sacred sites and cherished remains—the more beloved, the better.
Khazra DIHB Khazra Warrior What bestial khazra warriors lack in intellect, they make up in raw strength. Their axe- swings are brutal and artless, but the grotesque displays they craft from corpses suggest an almost-human creativity.
Lacuni Slasher DIHB Lacuni Slasher Lacuni warriors are savage creatures that cut through entire caravans in sophisticated ambushes. They strike from clouds of desert sand, then vanish with stolen goods before their victims finish dying.
Lacuni Stalker DIHB Lacuni Stalker Stalkers whip dozens of lacuni into a frenzy before ranging out of their dens. Despite a reputation for butchery, packs led by a stalker do show one measure of restraint-they always wait for their leader to draw first blood.
Night Howler DIHB Night Howler Not even the din of battle can drown out the awful baying of the night howlers. The sounds of their hunger echo throughout the Dark Wood. and grow more constant the closer one strays to the timberyard.
Outcast Brute DIHB Outcast Brute Life amidst the squalor of the Gray Wards demands endurance—but opportunism is a close second. Those who cannot earn admittance to Staalbreak can stand atop at least one pecking order by collecting tithes from their neighbors, or violently seizing food and blankets intended for those in greater need.
Patchwork Maw DIHB Patchwork Maw Zoltun Kulle's experiments in containing demons within soulstones left him with a surfeit of remains, from which he fashioned a guardian to rival Hell. The maws' unpredictable rages claimed scores of Kulle's servants before he locked the creatures away with only one another for sustenance.
Quicksand Golem DIHB Quicksand Golem Quicksand golems are as maddened and broken as any of Kulle's abandoned constructs, but more numerous due to their past as builders. They hurl jagged hunks of rock and sand at anything moving unpredictably in their presence and chisel away at whatever remains after their assault.
Reanimated Vanguard DIHB Reanimated Vanguard Of the Horadrim who pursued Zoltun Kulle in his underground lair, few left the library alive. The bones that remained have been bound to the place by its transmutive powers for over a century. The hunt drove them to death; now, their will to complete a mission that has long ended shackles them for eternity.
Rasplet DIHB Rasplet Existence as a rasplet is punishment for minions of Skarn seeking territory of their own. Reborn from the jagged pines that abut the plains of torment, rasplets swipe at intruders with barbed claws, or spew spiny pieces of themselves in the hope that the flesh of their kills can reconstitute their old bodies.
Royal Guard DIHB Royal Guard The cursed spirits of Leoric's guard still carry out the oaths they swore in life. Clad in burial armor, they pursue and cut down any who trespass on the manor grounds.
Sand Scorpion DIHB Sand Scorpion Sand Scorpion bandits will violate any moral in their quest to carve an empire out of the Shassar Sea. It is fitting that their primary opposition comes from another gang the Amber Blades. Who else would fight these monsters over a few inhospitable dunes?
Sand Wasp DIHB Sand Wasp Sand wasps disgorge streams of their own winged larvae to maim prey. Woe to those who survive their venom.
Scavenger DIHB Scavenger Eons of devouring necrotized flesh have transformed scavengers beyond all recognition. They camouflage themselves effortlessly among the corpses they feed upon.
Skeletal Archer DIHB Skeletal Archer These animated bones tirelessly loose arrows at the living. Do not be fooled by their fragile appearance; it only takes one single shot to still a beating heart.
Skeletal Shieldbearer DIHB Skeletal Shieldbearer While shieldbears are capable of enduring formidable frontal assaults, their decaying shields can only resist so much, and they are slow to protect their flanks.
Skeletal Warrior DIHB Skeletal Warrior The shambling dead ignore the pains of battle, and swing sabers and maces without fatigue. Hordes can overwhelm even well-trained combatants; fighting them one-on-one is the surest path to survival.
Skull Cleaver DIHB Skull Cleaver With their armor in tatters and the flesh long-rotted from their bones, it's difficult to discern anything about the past of most skeletal soldiers. Yet there's a ruthless competence in the way they swing their swords. Were their bodies chosen for some vestige of the evil they did in life?
Tomb Roach DIHB Tomb Roach These voracious roaches fatten themselves on enchanted flesh. Any unfortunate who disturbs an infested tomb should keep one eye on cracks in the ground, lest they be buried in seconds.
Vile Stinger DIHB Vile Stinger Stingers feed off the fluids of decomposing corpses, and typically lair near mass graves for their bounty. The bodies they gnaw upon become so punctured and desiccated that they're often mistaken for ritual sacrifices.
Wraith DIHB Wraith Leoric mutilated the clergy who spoke against the Archbishop Lazarus, marring their souls as well as their bodies. Their haunting cries overwhelm any who step foot inside the court of the damned.
Zakarum Oathbreaker Zakarum Oathbreaker When the Brotherhood of Light — a regiment of Rakkis-era Zakarum militants — razed outlying Ivgorod after playing at diplomacy, they earned the sobriquet "Oathbreakers". It is not their victory in battle, but their hatred of the homeland of their enemies that has returned them to twisted life in the present

Angler's Log[]

With the introduction of fishing into the game, the Bestiary was updated to include an angler's log. There are currently 40 species of fish that can be caught. Catching a number of fish generates the following rewards:

  • Catch 1 Species: 50 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 1000 gold, 1 Flowing Shard
  • Catch 5 Species: 50 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 3000 gold, 10 Beguiling Dust
  • Catch 10 Species: 100 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 5000 gold, 1 Flowing Shard
  • Catch 15 Species: 200 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 8000 gold, Lancewood Fishing Rod
  • Catch 20 Species: 200 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 10000 gold, 1 Flowing Shard
  • Catch 25 Species: 200 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 15000 gold, 20 Beguiling Dust
  • Catch 30 Species: 300 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 20000 gold, 5 Flowing Shards
  • Catch 35 Species: 300 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 30000 gold, Glimmerwood Fishing Rod
  • Catch 40 Species: 300 Reinforced Scrap Metals, 40000 gold, 10 Flowing Shards