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For the dungeon with a similar name, see Invaded House.

Home Invasion is an event in Act V of Diablo III. It takes place in the Ransacked Dwelling in the Westmarch Commons. The event and "dungeon" always appear together or not at all, and a bounty is sometimes offered to complete the event.

Upon entering the house, players need to clear it of Brigand Looters. In the second room, a teenager named Caylin, now freed from harassment, leads the heroes to a room upstairs, where Bertram Thistwhistle and more bandits are threatening her parents. He kills her father as soon as the door is opened, and the thugs must be dispatched. When her mother Grace explains that her sister Mia has snuck into the alley behind a secret bookcase, the heroes pursue and kill Virgil Cutthroat and his goons, who are trying to break the door into the small "panic room" Mia is sheltered in.

With the sisters reunited, the event is complete. In addition to the normal gold and experience reward, there is a Resplendent Chest in the panic room.


  • Bounty: Enter the Ransacked Dwelling
  • Bounty: Help Cailyn's family escape
  • Kill the bandits
  • Search the house for survivors
  • Kill the bandits attacking Cailyn
  • Search for Cailyn's parents upstairs
  • Kill the bandits attacking Cailyn's parents
  • Go to the alley behind the hidden bookcase
  • Kill Virgil Cutthroat and his bandits
  • Search for Mia in the back room


Entering the house
Brigand Looter: "A witness! Get [him/her]!"
Rescuing Cailyn
Cailyn: "Please, help me! They have my mother and father upstairs!"
After killing Bertram Thistwhistle
Grace: "They killed him!"
Cailyn: "Mother? Where's Mia?"
Grace: "I snuck her out back, through the bookcase."
Cailyn: "In the alley? There are bandits—or worse—out there!"
In the alley
Virgil Cutthroat: "This door will have to wait. Kill 'em!"
Sisters reunited
Mia: "Cailyn! I thought you abandoned me."
Cailyn: "No, dear sister. Never."
Cailyn: "We owe you our lives. Here—maybe we have something to help you."
Cailyn: "Come with me now, Mia. Mother will be so happy you're safe."