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Hillenbrand's Training Sword is a legendary Templar Relic in Diablo III. It only drops at character level 61 or later, only on Torment difficulty, and originally only dropped for Seasonal characters during the Season One. When the Season One ended, this item started to drop for normal characters as well.

When equipped on the Templar, it halves the cooldowns of his skills, recharging those twice as fast.

Despite the Game Guide stating that it has 4 extra affixes, it actually has 5.

Stats (Level 61)[]

Spear Fragment

Hillenbrand's Training Sword
Legendary Templar Relic


  • Equip on Follower: Reduce the cooldown of all Follower skills by 50%
  • +5 Random Magic Properties

Hillenbrand was a Templar of surpassing dedication, who used his training sword to practice every day and night. Finally, his physical conditioning grew so vast that he could fight for forty straight hours. When lack of sleep finally drove him mad, it required ten of his brothers to fell him.


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  • Despite the item appearing as a blade shard, the description claims it to be a training sword.