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"Helms have a common enough purpose: to protect the vulnerable, fleshy parts of the head from skull cracks, and make gouging eyes out a bit harder. Sturdier helms can weigh quite a bit in exchange for providing ample protection."

- Game Guide(src)

Helms are a type of armor in Diablo series. In all three games of Diablo series, Helms are a separate part of characters' gear. They provide both protective and offensive bonuses.

Diablo I[]

In Diablo I, heavier helms have higher Strength requirements. They have less Defense than Chest Armor, but are the only other piece of protection one may equip.

Diablo II[]

Helms return in Diablo II. They come in many variations, some classes having gear specifically designed for them: Druid Pelts, Barbarian Helms and Circlets. Helms may have up to three Sockets.

Unlike Diablo I, helms are actually shown on a character model in Diablo II, but Circlets are a way to give heroes a bare-headed look.

Normal Helms — CapSkull CapHelmFull HelmGreat HelmMaskCrownBone Helm
Exceptional Helms — War HatSalletCasqueBasinetWinged HelmDeath MaskGrand CrownGrim Helm
Elite Helms — ShakoHydraskullArmetGiant ConchSpired HelmDemonheadCoronaBone Visage

Diablo III[]

In Diablo III, helms offer a major bulk of Armor, and in addition to all-item affixes, may roll resistances, one Socket, Critical Hit chance, increased damage of secondary skills, Life %, Life regeneration, Life per Hit, Thorns, health globe / gold pickup range, status effect duration reduction, experience, and chance to Fear on hit. Legendary helms often roll other stats.

Wizard Hats, Voodoo Masks and Spirit Stones are special class-restricted types of helms. They may roll all the same stats, as well as bonuses to characters' class resources and skills.

In Diablo III, helms are a visible piece of equipment, and may be transmogrified or just made 'disappear' with the use of Vanishing Dye. Any helm may be transmogrified into a class-specific helm (Wizard Hat, Voodoo Mask or Spirit Stone), but only by the respective class characters. Class-specific helms may be transmogrified into normal helms without restrictions.

Some helms, when equipped, alter the character's hairstyle, hiding excessive hair from view.

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