The Hellfire Torch is a unique Charm which is the reward for the completion of the Pandemonium Event.



Hellfire Torch
Large Charm

Required Level: 75

5% Chance to cast level 10 Firestorm on attack
+3 to (Random Class) Skill Levels
+10-20 to All Attributes
All Resistances +10-20%
+8 to Light Radius
Level 30 Hydra (10 Charges)

Diablo IIIEdit

In Diablo III's equivalent of Pandemonium Event (Infernal Machine), player characters can obtain Hellfire Ring and Hellfire Amulet, two unique pieces of jewellery inspired by Hellfire Torch. Both grant bonuses to stats, and the former one fire-based procs as well.


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  • Despite being a large charm and a torch, this item makes the sound gems do when placed in the inventory or stash.
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