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"My armies flow through the Hell rifts. Heaven will be destroyed long before you set one foot into the Silver Spire!"

- Diablo(src)


Hell Rift interior

Hell Rifts were gateways from the Burning Hells into the High Heavens, utilized by Diablo during his assault on the angels' realm. They were maintained by Diablo's magic, which, if removed, would lead to the Hell Rift collapsing.

The Rifts were sealed by The Nephalem.[1]


4-2 Hell Rift 01

Hell Rift entrance portal

Hell Rifts are two small dungeons that can be found in Act IV of Diablo III.

In Campaign Mode, there are two separate Hell Rifts, each with a single level, with entrance portals in Gardens of Hope 1st and 2nd Tier. Demonic Corruption must be destroyed to find the portals. Inside the rifts are Rift Oculi, which sustain the portals leading to High Heavens. Through the Rifts, demons from the Realm of Terror send reinforcements to assault the Gardens of Hope. Each Hell Rift is guaranteed to have a Super Unique Mallet Lord guarding it.

In Adventure Mode, the Hell Rift is a single two-level dungeon which is only accessible by Waypoint, with no portal from the Gardens (although the exit obelisk leads back to the Gardens 1st Tier). There are no Rift Oculi, and the Mallet Lords are only found on Level 2.

Hell Rifts may appear as a layout for Nephalem Rifts.

These dungeons are very dangerous for Hardcore characters, because combat often starts immediately after you enter the red portal. In other words, demons will have a chance to attack the player before the level is even fully loaded.



This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The Hell Rifts, including name, appearance, quests and purpose, are a possible reference to Hellrift questlines in Hellgate: London, an Action-RPG developed by former employees of Blizzard North.
  • The Rift Oculus name is reminiscent to that of the Oculus Rift, a virtual-reality headset developed by Oculus VR.