Heirophants are a variety of the Cantor Zakarum Priest. They are the strongest variation of the monster. There are no Super Unique Heirophants.

They appear in Act III of Diablo II, in the later part of the questline, and as guest monsters in Act V Heirophants are found in the Kurast Causeway and in the temple-city of Travincal.   


  • They are level 24 on Normal, 53-54 on Nightmare, and 81-82 on Hell.
  • Heirophants have no resistances on Normal, 50 Fire and 75 Cold on Nightmare, and 160 Cold, 25 Fire, and 33 Lightning on Hell.
  • The Guest monster Heirophants have no resistances and are level 64-65 on Nightmare. On Hell, they are level 64-65 and have the following resistances: 20 Cold, 20 Fire, 50 Lightning, 15 Physical.


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  • Although in-game their name is spelled "Heirophant", "Hierophant" is the correct spelling.
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