"The demons could not stand before the swords of the angelic Host, and their blood ran upon the fields of eternity."

The Books of Jarl (excerpt)(src)

The Heavenly Host, otherwise referred to as the Angelic Host[2], is a collective term to describe the angelic armies of Heaven.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"Ten thousand strong, the angels burst forth from the clouds and fell upon the gathered army of the underworld, tearing it asunder with their savage weapons."

The Books of Jarl (excerpt)(src)

Since the dawn of Creation, Heaven and Hell have waged the Great Conflict. To this end, the Heavenly Host adheres to strict militaristic disciplines, as angels believe that only absolute discipline can bring order to the myriad realms.[3] The Heavenly Host appears to rely predominantly on spears, shields, and to an extent, swords,[4] though the Skycutter, a mace, has been stated to be its favored weapon.[2]

Composition[edit | edit source]

Warriors of the Heavenly Host

A number of types of warrior compose the Host. Most common of these appears to be "lancers;" angels equipped with spears who fight in formation,[5] though have also been observed to use swords.[6] Specialized types include the following:

  • Angelic Scouts: Unarmored and unarmed. Wear light white and golden robes. They are adept in magic, are able to operate siege weaponry, expel demonic corruption and project shields of force to protect allies.[7]
  • Angelic Warriors: Wear full plate white and golden armor, and carry Skywarden maces.[8] They may operate or repair siege weapons.[7]

The Host has utilized siege weapons, of which massive conduits of Light, lightning towers and ballistae have been observed. Unlike the Legion, angels may repair their siege weaponry in the field. Timeless Prisons are sometimes utilized to trap the demon champions in time, preventing them from being reborn in the Burning Hells.[7]

History[edit | edit source]

The Heavenly Host attacks the Demonic Legion

The Heavenly Host waged battle in Heaven, Hell, and Pandemonium alike. However, the war ground to a halt with the disappearance of the Worldstone.[4]

The Host came to Sanctuary in what would be the last battle of the Sin War. Under the command of the archangel Tyrael, the Host descended from the skies and struck their wrath on all who opposed them. To the Host, humanity was nothing but a horde of demons, and as actual demons erupted from the ground to ignite a three-way battle, the angels made no distinction between the two of them. However, the angels and demons involved in the battle were sent back to their respective realms by Uldyssian. This led to a truce between Heaven and Hell, as they agreed to allow mankind to follow its own path towards Order or Chaos.[10]

Heavenly Host warriors under the command of Imperius

Millennia later, the Host defended the Silver City from Diablo and his minions, but were overwhelmed. Total defeat was only averted by The Nephalem.[11]

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