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Heart of Sin is the seventh and final quest of Act III of Diablo III.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Core[edit | edit source]

  • Cydaea: You’ve killed one of my playthings...Now you have my undivided attention.
  • Vision of Azmodan: Nephalem...your misbegotten kind is creation’s greatest sin! But your time is done. You will find only death in my realm.
  • Cydaea: This poor things live in eternal torment.
  • Cydaea: You’re an extraordinary one, aren’t you?
  • Cydaea: Oh, you’ve met my daughters, I see. Are you enjoying their company?
  • Cydaea: All the pain and suffering you’re enduring...You must be dying to meet me.
  • Cydaea: I feast on their agony. Their eternal anguish.
  • Cydaea: The chains tear at their flesh. Hear their screams, such sweet music.
  • Cydaea: You are so eager...I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Cydaea, Maiden of Lust — consort of Azmodan.
  • Cydaea: Ooo-hh, how invigorating. Play with my daughters. I do not wish to tire you out.
  • Cydaea: I can feel the blood hemorrhaging from the Sin Heart...Oh, you will pay for this.
  • Cydaea: So close now...So close...
  • Vision of Azmodan: You think you know pain, nephalem? You think you know anguish? Soon, my concubine will show you their true meaning...
  • Cydaea: I do hope you’re not in over your head...
  • Cydaea: You’re so close now, I can almost feel your breath on my skin. The anticipation is...exquisite.
  • Cydaea: Oh, yes...I’ve been looking forward to this.
  • Follower
    • Kormac: We have fought our way to the depths of the crater. Azmodan cannot be far.
  • Azmodan: Nephalem fool...When the soulstone is embedded in my flesh, the Seven shall be as one within me! I will be the sum of all Hells — the Prime Evil!
  • Adria: We’ve done it! Quickly now, Leah — trap Azmodan’s essence within the soulstone!
  • Leah: It’s done!
  • Tyrael: I never dared dream...All evil lies trapped within that stone! Once it is destroyed, the Eternal Conflict will finally end!
  • Adria: Destroying the stone is no simple matter. There are rituals to consider. We must return to the keep and make our final preparations.
  • Lieutenant Lavail: An incredible victory! I knew Azmodan could never stand up to the likes of you!
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Where are Adria, Leah, and Tyrael?
  • Lieutenant Lavail: They are all in the armory — no doubt celebrating! You should join them.
  • Tyrael: Adria, when did you decide to betray us?
  • Adria: Twenty years ago a great and terrible power drew me to Tristram. But Aidan, Leoric’s eldest son, defeated that power and sought to contain it within his own flesh.
  • Tyrael: The Dark Wanderer.
  • Adria: It was Diablo I saw within him. And I pledged myself to his service. Now, at last, his grand design comes to fruition. Dear Leah...Deckard always suspected...your true father...was Diablo himself! And now, my daughter, you shall serve as his vessel.
  • Diablo: I LIVE! But I am more than I once was. The seven Evils are now one within me. I am...the Prime Evil! Well done, faithful Adria. Go now until I call upon you again. Now, at last, to my true goal, the one that has always eluded me: the utter destruction of the High Heavens![1]

Townsfolk Dialogue (Bastion's Keep Stronghold)[edit | edit source]

Before Azmodan's Death[edit | edit source]

  • Villager: When the moment comes, don’t hesitate. Strike the killing blow for all of us.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: That is what I have trained to do.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Did your brother know your history with his wife?
  • Scoundrel: No. She didn’t take the time to tell him before waltzing off to the altar. Now their children would starve if not for the gold I send their way.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Aren’t you the reason he was imprisoned?
  • Scoundrel: He will be free again in time. Paying off the Merchants Guild of Kingsport is no small task. And aren’t you supposed to be on my side here?!
  • Soldier: I can’t believe that we’re still alive. This place was built to fight barbarians, not horrible bastards with wings.
  • Soldier: I can’t believe he/she slaughtered one of those siegebreaker beasts. It took Captain Haile and a hundred men to kill the last one.
  • Soldier 2: I wish I could have seen that fight.
  • Soldier: Really?
  • Soldier 2: Well, not up close.
  • Drian: It’s all come down to a single fight, and I don’t even get to be there!
  • Nikola: Good. You could use some sleep.
  • Drian: But I’m not even tired!
  • Nikola: You could use some sleep.
  • Drian: Oh!
  • Class
    • Necromancer: The battle nears its end. I will confront the leader of the demons soon.
  • Small Boy: I wish I could go with you. I wish...I wish I could have protected my mother and father.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: That is only natural. But for now, you must leave the enemies to me.
  • Small Boy: I...I will.
  • Villager: Be careful out there! We need you!
  • Boy: Stab those bloody demons in the arse!
  • Boy: I heard Captain Haile say that!
  • Villager: Adria has been by Leah’s side day and night. She may not be the kindest woman, but no one can question her devotion.
  • Covetous Shen: You are so close now. Only Azmodan is still out there, waiting for you. What do you suppose you will do after he is dead?
  • Class
    • Necromancer: I do not enjoy conjecture.
  • Covetous Shen: Oh, you’re too modest. I saw how easily you took care of Belial. And you’ve already beaten Azmodan’s army. How much more trouble could he be? Let me tell you what I think. After Azmodan is dead, you come with me, and we’ll go on a grand adventure! Just you and Shen. The wind at our backs, and the road stretching out before us.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: The Priests of Rathma would not indulge your whims the way I do, old man.
  • Marta: Thanks to that hero, you can finally get some rest.
  • Marta: I can tell that your bad knee is troubling you, love. He'll/She'll have to save the world without you.
  • Former Mayor Holus: If ever there was a time to run, this would be it. But where would I run to? Maybe it is better to stay and fight for your life when the time comes.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Only you can decide that.
  • Myriam: Ten days ago I had an extremely powerful vision of a dark future. Horrible, horrible things will happen to you before this is all over, but you will prevail.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: How?
  • Myriam: I would never burden you with the knowledge of things you can’t change. You need to be happy; enjoy yourself while you can.[1]

After Azmodan's Death[edit | edit source]

  • Villager: Ha! Was he blubbering for his life when you cut his throat?
  • Soldier: Azmodan is dead!
  • Soldier 2: How in hell did we live to see this?
  • Soldier: Bloody leaping hell. I just heard he/she defeated the demon army’s general!
  • Soldier 2: That means...we’re going home! We can go home!
  • Drian: Did you hear? The battle is over! The demons are fleeing! We can go home!
  • Nikola: Oh, bless her! Bless her for what she’s done for us!
  • Small Boy: You’re back! I thought...I thought you...
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Sometimes it is good to be wrong.
  • Villager: There he/she goes!
  • Boy: Hooray!
  • Girl: Our savior!
  • Villager: Thank you so much, my lady!
  • Rondal: Well, Marta. That demon lord is dead. Time to move on.
  • 'Marta: I’ll go pack my knitting.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: You chose not to run.
  • Former Mayor Holus: I told you I wouldn’t. I am not brave like you, but I am no liar.[1]

After Adria's Betrayal[edit | edit source]

  • Haedrig Eamon: I thought I could make my wife’s death mean something. It doesn’t matter now, does it?
  • Class
    • Necromancer: All death has meaning.
  • Haedrig Eamon: Right. I’m sure that’s a comfort for Leah now that she’s gone too. I’ve been a fool.
  • Soldier: Lot of bloody good this keep did us in the end, eh? The killing blow came from one we trusted.
  • Soldier 2: I thought we were going to lose, but not like this.
  • Soldier: All those deaths, and it didn’t even matter. We may as well have run.
  • Soldier 2: Right. At least then, we would have been home with our families when the end came.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Death will take you when it is your time. Running makes no difference.
  • Nikola: I was supposed to die when my husband did. Why am I still alive?
  • Class
    • Necromancer: I can assure you that he suffers no longer.
  • Nikola: What good is that to me? Why couldn’t it have been me instead?
  • Small Boy: Do you still think we’ll live through the day?
  • Class
    • Necromancer: You will.
  • Small Boy: But you’re not sure if you will survive.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: There is no need for worry.
  • Boy: Mum, where did Leah go? Is she dead?
  • Villager: I hope so, love.
  • Villager: There’s no point in running, is there? Nowhere in the world is safe. This is the end!
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Light and darkness have struggled since the beginning of time. One side may seem near triumph — then the pendulum swings back again.
  • Guard of the Keep: That fat merchant never ran, not even when he had a chance. I wonder why.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: You always knew.
  • Myriam: Of course, celsa.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: But you did nothing to stop it.
  • Myriam: That’s the point of the future, love. It keeps coming. You don’t win a duel by blocking the first blow and going home.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: So you watched Leah suffer.
  • Myriam: I had to. Diablo was always going to come back. But now, you are here to stop him. And in your grief and rage, you will, my celsa.[1]

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

  • Part 1
    • Barbarian: Leah had a vision of Sin Hearts powering Azmodan's legions. I will descend into the crater and destroy these hearts in their towers, stopping the demonic invasion at its source.
    • Crusader: Leah's vision revealed that Azmodan's legions are powered by Sin Hearts. If I descend into the crater and destroy these abominable devices, it will stop the demonic invasion at its source.
    • Demon Hunter: Adria brought word of Leah’s latest vision. She has seen that Azmodan is using a pair of Sin Hearts to empower his legions. Leah believes the hearts are located in towers within the crater. These visions have always strained her badly, just as the nightmares used to wear upon me. I must hurry and destroy the hearts while she is still strong enough to control the Soulstone.
    • Monk: Azmodan's legions draw their power from the vile Sin Hearts that beats at the center of the towers within Arreat Crater. Each pulse of these hearts renews the demons' strength. When they lie still, Azmodan's army will be nothing.
    • Necromancer: Leah’s visions seem to be growing in intensity and detail. She has discovered the sources powering Azmodan’s legions. It is valuable information, but she is increasingly sickened by the things she has seen. I understand now why it takes many years to become a Priest of Rathma. Our minds have grown accustomed to such darkness, but others never will.
  • Part 2
    • Barbarian: I never could have imagined a place of such horror and fetid wretchedness as the depths of this cursed pit. Azmodan and his vile concubine mock me at every turn, but the first Sin Heart beats no more. Though the very air claws at my senses, I will not be stopped: I will crush the life from the second heart, and from Azmodan soon after.
    • Crusader: The first Sin Heart is destroyed. It is grim, dark work in this pit, but I will do what I must to reach Azmodan.
    • Demon Hunter: I see the landscape of my nightmares before my waking eyes. The spikes, the flames, the hot ash in the air... All is as I have beheld it in my terrifying dreams. But I fear nothing now. There is no room for anything in my heart but hatred for Cydaea, Azmodan, and every last demon in the Burning Hells.
    • Monk: These towers are a monument to sin and depraved lust. What manner of creature is this Cydaea, who derives such pleasure from this place? The entirety of my being feels stained by the corruption here, and I long to see it all pulled down into rubble with Azmodan at its heart.
    • Necromancer: I must now confront the darkness in its purest form. I have seen enough of it before to be impressed by its scope, its splendor...the full might of Hell. But it lacks even the barest shadow of the Balance that sustains our world, and that is why Azmodan and his brethren are such a threat to us.
  • Part 3
    • Barbarian: Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust and concubine of Azmodan, seeks to keep me from the second Sin Heart. This means her death.
    • Crusader: Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust, wants to keep me from the second Sin Heart. She and I will have words.
    • Demon Hunter: Cydaea will fare no better against me than Ghom did. Azmodan must perish, and all of his lieutenants with him.
    • Monk: I do not hear the whispers of Cydaea, Maiden of Lust, in my ears. I no longer see the depravity that hangs all around me. I no longer feel the corruption that pulls at my skin. I know nothing but that Azmodan's pet will die.
    • Necromancer: I believe Cydaea is trying to evoke some sort of emotional response from me. She will be most unsatisfied.
  • Part 4
    • Barbarian: The last Lord of Hell, Azmodan. When he dies, this world will be free from the corrupting influence of the Burning Hells forever.
    • Crusader: Azmodan is the last surviving Lord of Hell. When he falls, the influence of demons will finally be gone from our world. Is this the point of the Crusade? Have I, without even knowing it, found a way to cleance the Zakarum faith?
    • Demon Hunter: I have come far since Josen taught me how to keep my arm from shaking when I held a crossbow. It’s strange; I can remember first meeting the master hunter so clearly, yet here I am on the verge of slaying the last Lord of Hell. It has been a long journey, heavy with sacrifice and blood...and that is how it will end. But this time, the blood will be a demon’s.
    • Monk: Azmodan stood upon the brink of victory before my arrival. But I threw his armies back from the walls of Bastion's Keep, and I slew Ghom when the Lord of Sin sought to steal the Soulstone through guile. The remains of his legions litter the battlefield, and their corpses smolder within the crater. The blood of his concubine stains my fists. I have taken all from Azmodan, and now I will take his life and his soul.
    • Necromancer: Cydaea has fallen, but there is no sign of Azmodan’s other Sin Lieutenants. Has he lost their allegiance, or do they wait for me in the journey ahead? I will take care as I advance on him, though he seems utterly incapable of unwitting me.
  • Part 5
    • Barbarian: This day is not yet over. We have captured the soul of Azmodan, and now the soulstone must be destroyed. Adria prepares the rituals with the help of Leah in the keep's armory. I will join them there soon.
    • Crusader: Azmodan's soul is captured, and Leah can now destroy the Black Soulstone. Adria prepares the rituals in the armory. I will join them. It is almost done.
    • Demon Hunter: At last! Every Lord of Hell lies trapped within that stone. I owe it all to Leah, Adria, and Tyrael for helping me with this great undertaking. But now we must waste no time destroying the Black Soulstone. Everything will change... Deprived of their leaders, the surviving demons will be scattered and weak. I’ll hunt them down, one by one, until the end of my days.
    • Monk: Victory lies close at hand. The soul of all the Lords of Hell reside within the Black Soulstone. After Adria and Leah have finished their preparations, the stone can be destroyed, and we will be rid of the demons at long last.
    • Necromancer: Azmodan’s death comes as our final victory, yet I can still sense a lingering darkness around us. Perhaps I was just fighting in the crater for too long. Leah will be grateful that her anguish is at an end.
  • Part 6
    • Barbarian: Adria's betrayal has unleased Diablo on the High Heavens. There is no time to deal with her treachery now. I must get to the Heavens before it is to late!
    • Crusader: Adria... I have no words for it. There is never time to grieve for the fallen, and this day I do not even have time to chase down the betrayer. I must get to the High Heavens and stop Diablo, or all is lost.
    • Demon Hunter: No... It was all a trap—an elaborate illusion—to aid an unspeakable enemy. Now Leah is imprisoned within that abomination, the Lord of Terror himself. If I had any sense, I would throw myself from these walls and let my blood freeze into the ground. But I did not give in when Halissa died, raving and cursing with her last breath. I cannot lose faith.
    • Monk: Have the gods abandoned me? How could they have hidden the betrayal that resided within Adria's black heart? I have fallen into her trap, and now Diablo lives again. I must follow him to Heaven and destroy him, or everything will have been for nothing.

References[edit | edit source]

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