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Heal Other

Requires: 17 Magic
Cost: 8 Mana (-3 per Spell Level, +2 per Character Level)

Instantly restores lost Life to an ally.

Damage Type: Magic
Other Stats: Cannot be cast on self

Heal Other is a spell in Diablo I. It is a multiplayer-only equivalent of Healing, and cannot be used in single player game.

General InformationEdit

Like Healing, this spell uses Mana to restore health, but can only be used on another player, not on self. The amount healed is random, but average roll gets higher as spell level is increased. The Mana cost of this spell is unique in that it is reduced with spell level, but also increases with character level of the caster. The spell must be aimed with a cursor, even if there is only one available target.

Healing done: Class Multiplier* x [(Random 1-10) + Itt**(Character Level***, (Random 1-4)+1) + Itt(Spell Level, (Ramdom 1-6)+1) + 1]

*Class Multipliers: depends on the target (not caster!) class, 3 for Monk, 2 for Warrior//Barbarian, 1.5 for Rogue/Bard, 1 for Sorcerer
**Itt means Iterated function.
***Character Level of the caster (not target!)

Pepin will automatically cast this spell on player. In the Hellfire expansion, Pepin does this automatically if the character has taken any damage.


Diablo 1 spells - Heal Other (by Decimius)

Diablo 1 spells - Heal Other (by Decimius)

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