"...and then the foul swamps of Hawezar to explore."
"Why can’t they be regular swamps?"
"Because they need to be foul. This is super-important foul. Foul swamps. Sounds pretty dark, right?"

John Mueller and Tiffany Wat(src)
D4 Region - Hawezar


The Swamplands of Hawezar[1] (more commonly just called Hawezar) is a geographic area in Sanctuary.


"Poison, disease, despair. They coat this whole region like a mold."

Harrison Pink(src)

Hawezar on the world map

It has been said that only those who deal in death, or wish to find it, come to Hawezar,[2] or that only those who wish to be forgotten come here.[1] Poison, disease, and despair spread over this region like mold, growing and infecting everything within. Hawezar is a deadly land, even to those familiar with its tortuous—and torturous—paths. Swamp Witches intone long-forgotten curses within the swamps,[2] worshiping giant snakes. The Witches may be willing to impart their dark knowledge, but only at a high price.[1]

Man-eating plants hunger for human flesh. It is a place of madness, of black magic. Nevertheless, it is inhabited by cutthroats, thieves, assassins, murderers that want to do their dark trades far out of the reach of the forces of like law and order, or groups like the Zakarum.[1]




Hawezar is one of the five main regions in Diablo IV.[2]


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