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"Now, enter the portal I have opened for you. It will take you to the Barbarian city of Harrogath, the last bastion of Order on the slopes of Arreat."

- Tyrael(src)



Harrogath was a Barbarian city located at the base of Mount Arreat. It was surrounded by stone walls and was well fortified. It was quite lively during victory celebrations.[1]


The Siege of Harrogath[]

"Baal comes...and destruction follows him like a storm."

- Caldra's last words and portent(src)


The streets of Harrogath

In 1265, Baal led an assault on the Barbarian lands, his intent being to enter Mount Arreat, corrupt the Worldstone, and through it, the rest of humanity. The Barbarians stood firm, but were forced to give ground and were driven back to their sacred peak.[1] If Caldra's portent to the Council of Elders wasn't sign enough of the coming battle, then the black clouds of smoke to the south were. Contact with the Barbarian capital of Sescheron was lost, and Harrogath was all that stood between Baal and his goal. Qual-Kehk readied his warriors, but Elder Aust proposed a different strategy—to perform a Druidic spell of warding. It would be risky, but if cast successfully, it would prevent any demon from setting foot inside Harrogath. Even Baal himself. The council was at first opposed to the action, but eventually, six of the seven members (including Aust) agreed to it. The seventh, Nihlathak, was unconvinced, but like the rest of the elders, he could offer no alternative. The spell was cast, but apart from Nihlathak, every council member paid the price with their life.[2]

During this period, Aust had also suggested that Harrogath request aid from neighboring kingdoms, but the people (or at least the Council) were too prideful to do so.[1]

Although the demons could not enter Harrogath, they were still able to encircle it. They were also able to seize and control the watchtowers and barricades on the slopes of Mt Arreat. In the early days of the siege, Quak-Khek's confidence bordered on arrogance. He tried, but failed to break Baal's siege lines, and lost a third of his warriors in the process. Others were wounded, others were captured. Under the command of Shenk the Overseer, Baal's legions dominated the battlefield, and were able to bombard the defenders with their catapults. While the Barbarians had to ration food and water, and pay dearly for any medical supplies, Baal's demons feasted on the flesh and blood of their dead foes.[1]

Lifting the Siege[]

"Well, well. The siege has everything in short supply...except fools. Why would you seek this place, stranger? Are you a vulture come to loot the bodies of our fallen warriors? Regardless, this is no place to make a name for yourself. The mountain is ours to protect. It is only a matter of time before Hell's legions are routed."

- Nihlathak 'greeting' one of the heroes(src)


An Assassin and Druid outside the gates of Harrogath

The tide turned with the arrival of a group of mortal heroes. This group had slain the demon lords Mephisto and Diablo and now, directed by the archangel Tyrael, had come to Harrogath to finish the job with Baal. The heroes were able to destroy the demonic catapults and slay Shenk, and save Qual-Kehk's captured warriors. However, it was here that Nilathak's true colors were revealed—he had exchanged the Relic of the Ancients for Baal's promise that Harrogath would be spared. Such an act would allow Baal to ascend Mount Arreat unopposed by its defenders. Thus, the heroes set off in pursuit.[3]

Baal was defeated, but it was a hollow victory. The Worldstone had been corrupted, and Tyrael saw no other option bar its destruction.[1] Harrogath was destroyed in the ensuing blast. Its survivors never forgave Nihalathak's actions, whom they held responsible for the loss of their home.[4]


Act Act V
Quests Siege on Harrogath, Rescue on Mount Arreat, Prison of Ice, Betrayal of Harrogath, Rite of Passage
NPCs Anya, Deckard Cain, Larzuk, Malah, Nihlathak, Qual-Kehk
Adjacent Zones Bloody Foothills
Waypoint Yes

Harrogath appears as the town hub of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.




Harrogath as it appears in-game

There are six quests to be completed in Harrogath:


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