Act Act II
Quests None
Levels 2
Monsters Horror Archer, Horror Mage Dune Beast, Blunderbore, Invader
Adjacent Zones Lut Gholein, Palace Cellar
Area Level Normal 13
Area Level Nightmare 47
Area Level Hell 78
Waypoint No

The Harem is a great two-floored basement that is dedicated to concubines and possibly consorts of Jerhyn. The Harem can be found directly beneath his palace and yields access to the Palace Cellars.

Prior to the hero's arrival in Lut Gholein, Jerhyn hides the fact the portal to the Arcane Sanctuary had been opened by a Summoner, which allowed the demons dwelling within the realm to be set free from their prison and attack the palace from the bottom up. This caught the Royal Guard by complete surprise. To make matters worse, the guards were too late to save the women from the inevitable; many of them perished in their desperate attempts to push the demons back from whence they came, a struggle which has continued since.

Decorated about the Harem are traditional torches, rugs, and luxury beds with pillows, along with elaborate designs and-calm colored paint along the walls and tiles. Sad to say, this beautiful view has been tainted with the blood of innocent concubines and guards who died protecting and evacuating the former to safety, along with their bodies polluting the entire second floor. It seems the Royal Guard has had some success in pushing back the invaders, as the first level of the Harem is devoid of any monsters.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Some of the women's corpses in the harem seem to have been bound on pillars before they were slain, suggesting that the demons sadistically executed them. They can often be found near the two entryways of the harem.
  • The theme music of the Harem contains samples of Heart of Asia by Spectrasonics, which itself is based from excerpts of the Lakshmi Ashtothram, sung in Classical Sanskrit.
  • The Harem's second level is one of the few places in the game which can be accessed via two entrances. The vast majority of the game's areas, including the Harem's first level, are only accessible through one entrance (not counting Waypoints).
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