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Halls of the Dead
Act Act II
Quests The Horadric Staff
Levels 3
Monsters Returned(Minion), Hollow One, Decayed, Desert Wing, Spear Cat(Javelin), Fire Tower
Super Unique Monsters Bloodwitch the Wild (Lvl3)
Adjacent Zones Dry Hills
Area Level Normal 12, 13, 13
Area Level Nightmare 44, 45, 45
Area Level Hell 79, 81, 82
Waypoint Yes

Halls of the Dead is a dungeon in Dry Hills. As the name tells, the area is inhabitated mostly by Undead, but it still has a fair share of Animals. It starts the constant appearance of Greater Mummies in tombs. On level 3 (the deepest level) there is the Horadric Cube guarded by the super uniquer monster Blood Witch the Wild.