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Halls of Vaught

Halls of Vaught
Act Act V
Quests Betrayal of Harrogath
Monsters Ice Spawn,
Hell Tempress,
Menace Worm(Spawn),
Wretched Defiler
Uniques on Normal Ice Spawn,
Hell Tempress,
Putrid Defiler

(Uniques are disabled on all difficulties)

Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Hell Tempress,
Menace Worm(Spawn),
Wretched Defiler,
Prowling Dead,
Night Marauder
Guest Monsters Slayer,
Returned Archer,
Flayer Blowdart(Minion),
Flayer Shaman,
Tomb Viper
Super Unique Monsters Nihlathak
Adjacent Zones Halls of Pain
Area Level Normal 36
Area Level Nightmare 64
Area Level Hell 84
Waypoint No

The Halls of Vaught is the third and final level of Nihlathak's temple, where he is found.

The area is divided into four identical branches. Nihlathak is in one of them. One of the other three branches will always contain an Evil Urn at its end.

It commonly has the dreaded Tomb Vipers on Nightmare and Hell, maybe they are the reason the unique monsters are disabled in this area ?