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Halls Of Pain

Halls of Pain
Act Act V
Quests Betrayal of Harrogath
Monsters Unholy Corpse,
Death Brawler,
Torment Worm(Spawn),
Putrid Defiler
Uniques on Normal Prowling Dead,
Death Brawler

(Uniques are disabled on Normal)

Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Night Lord
Guest Monsters Infidel,
Temple Guard,
Blood Clan,
Razor Spine,
Flayer Blowdart,
Grotesque Wyrm(Spawn),
Blood Maggot
Uniques and Champions Quantity 0 (Normal)
2-3 (Nightmare)
6-7 (Hell)
Adjacent Zones Halls of Anguish, Halls of Vaught
Area Level Normal 34
Area Level Nightmare 64
Area Level Hell 84
Waypoint Yes

Halls of Pain is the middle level of Nihlathak's Temple.

It contains a waypoint that is generally ignored by most players. There are a couple reasons for this: The first reason is that Anya is the best source of claws for Assassins. A common method of resetting what claws she has is repeatedly using the red portal and again clicking on Anya to see a new variety of claws she has for sale. Clicking on the waypoint and killing Nihlathak will cause the red portal next to Anya to disappear. Secondly, this portal is the quickest method to do magic finding on Pindleskin, one of the quickest magic find targets in the game.


This area is called "Halls of Death's Calling" in the files.