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Halls of Anguish
Act Act V
Quests Betrayal of Harrogath
Monsters Prowling Dead,
Night Lord
Uniques on Normal Reanimated Horde,
Night Lord

(Uniques are disabled on Normal)

Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Prowling Dead,
Night Lord,
Death Brigadier
Guest Monsters Returned,
Tomb Creeper,
Devilkin Shaman,
Horror Mage P,
Temple Guard
Uniques and Champions Quantity 0 (Normal)
2-3 (Nightmare)
6-7 (Hell)
Adjacent Zones Nihlathak's Temple,
Halls of Pain
Area Level Normal 33
Area Level Nightmare 63
Area Level Hell 83
Waypoint No

The Halls of Anguish is a subterranean dungeon, the first of three sub-levels of Nihlathak's Temple. The area's exit leads into the Halls of Pain.

These brown halls have drawings of red eyes on the walls, are filled with many bones, macabre views and are full of Reanimated Horde types, and various other Baal's minions in the Nihlathak's command.