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"I was initially dubious when the emperor of Kehjistan emerged to confront this quickly deteriorating situation. But the charm, leadership, and intelligence that he brought to bear as he quickly resolved the conflict between our council and the Kurast nobles were nothing less than masterful. When the people fully supported him in his role as our emperor, I saw this achievement as nothing short of a miracle."

Hakan I was the Emperor of Kehjistan, the dominant state of Sanctuary's eastern continent. To commemorate his ascension to the throne, the Sultan of Blinding Sand was forged in his honor.[1]

Hakan originally ruled in Kurast.[2] After Mephisto's conquest of the city, its nobles fled to Caldeum, and fear gave way to arrogance, as they demanded their "rightful place" on the Trade Consortium Council. Tensions rose, and Hakan[3] (who had fled from Kurast himself)[2] emerged to intervene. The people gave him their full support, and he was able to quell the tensions.

When Hakan became ill and his health deteriorated, so too did conditions in Caldeum. After his death, Hakan II ascended to the throne, and the decline continued.[3]


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  • As well as being a popular Turkish name, "Hakan" is a Turkish title for a sovereign or military ruler. The title is derived from the old Turko-Mongol title for sovereign ruler, Khan.