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Haedrig Eamon is an Artisan NPC in Diablo III. He is the Blacksmith of the group traveling with The Nephalem and performs many duties similar to the smiths in other games.



Haedrig lived with his father, a diplomat, in Caldeum. They lived in a manor, along with their servants. He was present there during the Darkening of Tristram, while his grandfather served King Leoric, even as madness claimed the king. Rumors spread that Haedrig's grandfather had been behind Leoric's madness, which affected his father's standing. His father believed that things would blow over, but it didn't. He tried to dispel the rumors, but that didn't work either. Then one night, a group of crazed refugees from Tristram arrived at the manor, storming it. Haedrig escaped with the aid of Justus. Just before he was shoved out a window, he saw his father crawling up the stairs towards him with two daggers in his back and a third whipping around his throat. Haedrig would later reflect that the people hadn't necessarily considered his father a traitor. Rather, madness itself was enough to drive men to murder.[1]

Scarred by his experiences, Haedrig later left Caldeum, swearing never to return.[2]


At some point after leaving Caldeum, Haedrig met his future wife, Mira, in a town on the outskirts of Kurast. He found her locked in a cage, as a group of people were going to burn her for being a witch.[3] Haedrig broke her out in the middle of the night. The people didn't chase them far (in Haedrig's mind, they were just glad to see her go).[4] At some point they passed by Caldeum. Mira wanted to stop and see the city, but Haedrig convinced her to travel on, as he had little desire to return to the city.[3]

At some point they joined a Vecin wagon train. One of the Vecin recognised Mira's talent as a mystic, and cultivated her talent. While they traveled, the pair fell in love, and were married.[5] At some point, Mira suggested that they head for Tristram. Haedrig would later wonder if Mira knew what was going to happen to her, but had nonetheless brought him back home, knowing that The Nephalem would need his aid.[6]

The End of Days[]

"Nothing ever seems to change in New Tristram, does it?"
"What do you mean?"
"There's always some threat of the risen dead or foul evil descending on the town, isn't there?"

- Haedrig and the Nephalem(src)

Haedrig and Mira were at New Tristram when the Fallen Star fell from the Heavens, awakening the dead.[1] During or prior to the event, he had taken on an apprentice. Mira helped tend to the wounded, but Haedrig noticed that she'd fallen ill.[7] In reality, Mira had been bitten and had been infected, and was thrown in a cellar with those who were similarly infected. He was ordered to put them down, but found himself unable to do it, wondering how he could possibly kill his own wife. He was approached by The Nephalem, who offered to help. He led them into the cellar, but froze. Nevertheless, The Nephalem killed the infected, including Mira.

Haedrig was greatful for the heroes' aid. They told him that they were seeking the crown of King Leoric. He told them that it was buried with his father, whose tomb was located in the Weeping Hollow. He also told them that if they found his apprentice, have him get back to town. They successfully returned with the crown (much to Haedrig's surprise), and informed him that they had found his apprentice, dead. He fixed the ground, but told The Nephalem that he wanted to do something more than making spades. That he wanted his life to mean something.[8]

Haedrig remained at the Nephalem's side, providing them with weapons and armor. Over time, he opened up about his past.[1]

The Nephalem's journey brought Haedrig back to Caldeum, a return that brought Haedrig little joy.[9] He was still in denial about his grief in regards to Mira.[2] After the defeat of Belial, Haedrig could only hope that the people of the city rebuilt wisely. He'd seen the ruin that Leoric and Diablo had brought to Tristram after all.[10]

Haedrig followed The Nephalem to Bastion's Keep, which was under siege by the forces of Azmodan. Haedrig helped provide/maintain arms and armor for the soldiers stationed there as the siege continued. He told The Nephalem that when this was over, he wanted to live in a quiet town in the country, where he could work and live in peace.[11] After Leah's death and Adria's betrayal, he fell into despair, stating that he'd believed he could make Mira's death mean something, but now, none of it mattered.[12] After The Nephalem rescued Auriel however, Haedrig's spirit recovered, stating that his wife would not have wanted him to wallow in misery, but rather, do everything he could to help them win the battle.[13] Which The Nephalem did, defeating Diablo.[14]

The Reaper of Souls[]


MaleBlacksmith Portrait


Haedrig is first encountered early in Act I when The Nephalem asks about the Shattered Crown.

After completing a short quest, Haedrig's smithing services will become available to the player. He can salvage magical items into crafting parts, craft new weapons/armor from those parts, and be leveled up to improve his skills.

His services include the following:

  • Repair: ability to restore durability of all items for a price. Gold cost is exactly the same as when done by vendors, but Haedrig is generally closer to the Town Portals and Waypoints than most merchants.
  • Salvage: destroys the targeted item and returns a respective number of Crafting Materials fit for its quality (as of patch 2.3, item level only affects the number of materials gained):
    • Common / Poor: Reusable Parts 1 to 10 per item
    • Magic: Arcane Dust, 1 to 5 per item
    • Rare: Veiled Crystal, 1 per item
    • Legendary / Set (including Potions): Forgotten Soul, 1 per item (non-crafted items only)
      • Ancient items: 3 Forgotten Souls each
      • Primal items: 15 Forgotten Souls each
    • Crafted Legendary or Set: Reusable Parts, Arcane Dust and Veiled Crystal, 1 of each

Salvaging is fool-proof: for every item players try to salvage, if it is of rare quality and above, they need to click a confirmation button. This can be set in Options to affect Legendary/Set items only. Unidentified items can be salvaged without wasting time to identify them first. Any socketed gems will be returned for free.

Salvage all

In Patch 2.1, three more buttons were added: "Salvage all Normal / Magic / Rare items in inventory". This option is unlocked at artisan level 12. Note that as of Patch 2.1.1, the "Salvage All" button cannot salvage an item that has been equipped, enchanted, socketed or Transmogrified before.

  • Craft Weapons / Armor: allows crafting items of Magic quality and above, provided the player has (in inventory or stash) required materials and has found the required recipe. Players can specify in advance how many items they want and craft them all in one session.

Crafting is not performed instantly (so one has time to cancel it without losing the materials if misclicked). Item types are sorted in alphabetical order, and players may choose to display only the items they can equip, the items they have materials for, or items that are of highest level they can currently use (discarding any lower), one for each level of quality.

To learn a recipe, the player must find it, then open the Blacksmith's interface and right-click the recipe. Once learned, recipes that are Account-Bound will no longer drop for that account and type (as Seasonal and normal, as well as Hardcore and Softcore characters, have separate artisans).

During the Season Journey, Haedrig will reward players with Haedrig's Gift for completing certain chapters early in the journey. These rewards include Set Items for the player's current Class.

As of patch 2.6.5, it's possible to collapse (or expand) all recipes at once.


  1. Apprentice
  2. Journeyman
  3. Adept
  4. Master
  5. Grand Master
  6. Illustrous
  7. Magnificent
  8. Resplendent
  9. Glorious
  10. Exalted
  11. Exquisite
  12. Sovereign


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Haedrig is voiced by Simon Templeman, best known for his role as Kain in Legacy of Kain franchise.
  • In the intro cinematic for Diablo III, a quote can be very faintly heard. The quote reads "My name is Haedrig Eamon. And I killed my wife!" In the quote Haedrig seems to have a very harsh Scottish accent.
  • Haedrig has a short temper.


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