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Guiding Light Guiding Light
Any player (including the Monk) healed or shielded by the Monk's skills gains increased damage equal to the percentage of Life missing, up to a maximum of 30%, for 10 seconds. For the entire duration, the amount scales with the percentage of Life.

"Only in the ceaseless pursuit of purification can enlightenment be achieved." — Patriarch Anisim

Guiding Light was a Monk passive skill, unlocked at level 40. As of Patch 2.1, it was replaced with Alacrity.


Originally, this skill was increasing the damage done by other players who were healed by the Monk. Obviously, in solo games, this skill was little more than a cosmetic choice, as it had no effect on followers or the Monk themselves. The old effect and the description were then moved to the Unity skill, though that skill can work off of followers and even the Monk's Mystic Ally.

Old Description:

"I thought I was done for, trampled into the snow. Suddenly I felt her hand on my shoulder. The warmth returned to my bones, and together we repelled the beasts." — Legends of the North"

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