Griswold's Edge is a unique Broad Sword from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

A purely physical sword, Griswold's Edge focuses on brute strength to subdue enemies. This is indicated by its bonuses to Strength, Attack Speed, Attack Rating, and even added Fire damage. Although Griswold's Edge will do much less damage to enemies immune to fire, it is powerful against those that aren't.

Griswold's Edge's Knockback can be detrimental depending on playstyle. It does prevent a character from being surrounded, and subdues large crowds of enemies so that they can be taken on one at a time, but Knockback can also be quite frustrating against enemies with high life, making it harder to click on them to attack them. Still, many bosses are immune to Knockback, and considering they are the enemies with the most life, the problem does not apply to them.

Griswold's Edge is a normal unique item. Therefore, there are many more powerful unique alternatives to Griswold's Edge. Griswold's Edge is most effective early in game on Normal difficulty.



Griswold's Edge
Broad Sword

One-Hand Damage: (12-15) To (25-30)
Required Level: 17
Required Strength: 48
Durability: 32
Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed
+80-120% Enhanced Damage
Adds (10-12) to (15-25) Fire Damage
10% Increased Attack Speed
+100 to Attack Rating
+12 To Strength


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