Grey was a member of Clan Skeld, the son of Vane and brother of Azgar.


As a child, Grey looked up to Azgar with pride as his elder brother trained with their father. He declared that Azgar would one day be stronger than their father. Stronger than anyone. His father didn't dispute the possibility, and Grey declared that he wanted to be like Azgar when he grew up. However, one day, tragedy struck, as Azgar inadvertently turned into a Werebear and went on a rampage in their village. He found Grey in their tent and slashed him across the eyes. The shock reverted Azgar back to his human form, and thus, he cradled Grey's body in horror. As their father discovered the grizzly scene, Azgar fled in shame. Grey survived the ordeal, but his brother's attack had left him blind.

Years later, as Baal marched on Mount Arreat, Clan Skeld sent its warriors to battle the Lord of Destruction's forces. However, it left the village open to attack, and some of Baal's minions attacked the village. Azgar returned at the last moment, tearing through the demons. He slew them all, but he was fatally impaled. In the aftermath of the battle, Grey walked forward from the crowd, finding his brother's body. As Azgar's life slipped away, he told him that he'd never held him responsible for what had happened all those years ago, and had always looked up to him, even after losing his sight. He had known that Azgar had always watched over their village, and declared that he would forever have a place of honor within the clan's history.[1]


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