GrenadierIcon Grenadier
Increases damage done with grenades by 10%, and their blast radius by 20%.

Upon the Demon Hunter's death, he/she instantly drops a giant grenade that explodes for 1000% damage as Fire within 10 yards (effectively 1100% within 12 yards due to the skill's own enhancement).

"Do not construct these devices by candlelight, nor by firelight. Once armed, be no closer than ten paces upon the count of three." — Explicit instructions from Quang the Chemist

Grenadier is a Demon Hunter passive skill, unlocked at level 45.


Grenades concept covers not only the respective skill, but also all other skill runes that may launch grenades. It even affects its own post-death grenade.

Obviously, the second bonus is useless for Hardcore characters, but some exotic builds do utilize it as a way to soften up particularly hard foes.

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