A Greater Mummy

Greater Mummies are a superior type of undead monster in Diablo II.



An Amazon fights a Greater Mummy

Just as he did with the mummified bodies that slept beneath the sands of Lut Gholein, Mephisto bound the spirits of his most powerful demonic minions to the corpses of the greatest warriors and mages of Aranoch. Natural leaders in life, they continue their positions of dominance within the ranks of the undead, rallying hordes of mummies about them as they seek the flesh of the living. Moving slightly faster than their lesser followers, Greater Mummies' scythe-like arms deliver devastating blows to any who move within striking distance. Their breath, filled with the vapors of the grave, is a deadly poison that has claimed the lives of many would-be heroes. These undead horrors also cast bolts of unholy energy at their enemies and can also raise the bodies of their undead minions, making them immediate targets whenever they are encountered.[1] They are distinguished from their lesser breathren by their size and elaborate headresses.[2]



Greater Mummy attack animation

Greater Mummies appear in Act II of Diablo II. They are able to shoot dark spheres of energy, the Unholy Bolt, which is the exact opposite of the Holy Bolt spell both visually and thematically. In addition, they can heal and raise any undead in sight. They have a powerful melee attack delivered by their scythe-like arms, along with a Poison Breath attack. Greater Mummies don't move quickly, but their ability to rapidly cast Unholy Bolts makes them persistent opponents, especially in interior areas. It is best to kill Greater Mummies as quickly as possible, in order to negate their ability to revive undead enemies, but melee attacks have to bear their Poison Breath ability in mind. Another effective counter against these creatures is to lure their minions far away so they cannot be revived and once the minions are dealt with, the Greater Mummies are easily disposed of.


Unraveller Artwork

Greater Mummy artwork



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Concept art

The Greater Mummy had been conceived by 1998. Concept art depicts them possessing four arms and a less humanoid figure.[3]


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Greater Mummy
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