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Great Marsh

Great Marsh
Act Act III
Quests None
Monsters Gloam,
Swamp Dweller,
Bog Creature,
Bramble Hulk,
Drowned Carcass,
Fetish Blowdart(Minion),
Fetish Shaman,
River Stalker
Adjacent Zones Spider Forest, Flayer Jungle
Area Level Normal 21
Area Level Nightmare 50
Area Level Hell 80
Waypoint Yes

The Great Marsh is an area that usually connects the Spider Forest and the Flayer Jungle. Depending on the map configuration, it is sometimes the only route to the Flayer Jungle. At other times it is merely an optional detour.

The Great Marsh is notorious for several reasons. The Fetish found within the zone are a constant nuisance. The Drowned Carcasses deal Cold damage which can slow players down - this can be dangerous when caught in a large group of monsters. However, the main threat comes from the Gloams that inhabit this area. When they're not attacking, Gloams are nigh invisible. When they suddenly pop up in numbers, they can quickly ambush and kill unsuspecting adventurers. This makes them particularly dangerous in Hell difficulty, especially for Hardcore characters.

A treasure chest can be found in enclosed area of the marsh.