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"Tell us about the Black Soulstone! We know of the three that the Horadrim used to trap the Prime Evils...What is the purpose of this one?"

- Goz'turr while torturing Adria(src)

Goz'turr the Torturer, Reaper of Pain, is a Super Unique Serpent Magus who is found in The Wretched Pit in Act II of Diablo III.


Goz'turr tortured Adria in the Sewers of Caldeum, demanding information on the Black Soulstone. However, he and his fellow Deceivers were killed by The Nephalem, and Adria rescued.[1]


Goz'turr is encountered during the "Unexpected Allies" quest. Killing him is required to complete the quest.

He has Desecrator and Teleporter affixes, and will summon Deceivers until killed.